Maple Bourbon Punch

Serves 8-12



  • Bring honey, rosemary, and 1 cup water to a simmer over medium heat. Let cool; discard rosemary.
  • Combine honey syrup with orange juice, bourbon, McCormick Maple Extract, and McCormick Small Batch Pure Vanilla Extract in pitcher. Stir in a few cups ice to cool.
  • Pour into a punch bowl over an ice ring to serve, then garnish individual glasses with orange slices and rosemary.

Orange and Rosemary Ice Ring


  • orange wheels
  • rosemary sprigs
  • bundt pan

  1. Fill bundt pan with water 1/3 of the way. Add some orange wheels and rosemary to the water, and freeze 3-4 hours.
  2. Once bottom layer is frozen, repeat with a second layer, and then once that freezes, repeat with a third and final layer.
  3. To remove ice ring from mold, carefully run the outside of the bundt pan under lukewarm water until the ring dislodges.