Sweet Potato Gratin

Serves 4-6


6 medium sweet potatoes (about 3.5 lb total)
5 tbsp roughly chopped sage, plus extra to garnish (you can use chopped rosemary if you like)
6 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tbsp coarse sea salt
½ tsp freshly ground black pepper
8 oz heavy whipping cream



1. Heat oven to 400º F
2. Wash potatoes and cut into thin slices (1/4") - no need to peel.
3. In big bowl, toss potatoes with all ingredients except cream. Don't forget to save some sage for garnish.
4. Grab handfuls of potatoes, stack them up, and arrange in 9"x13" casserole. Make tidy rows so you can see the edges of the skin.
5. Cover the dish with foil and cook in for 45 minutes.
6. Pull from the oven, uncover, and pour the cream evenly over all potatoes. Give it a little shimmy to make sure you get full coverage.
7. Roast, uncovered, for an additional 25 minutes. Before serving, use a knife to make sure that the potatoes are done. They should be soft.
8. Pull from oven and garnish with reserved sage. Serve immediately in casserole.