Rosemary Wreath Place Cards



  1. Cut rosemary into pieces that are between 2" and 3". Do the same with your floral wire.
  2. Wedge the bottom of your rosemary sprig into a "notch" in the grapevine wreath, and wrap the rosemary around the curve of the wreath.
  3. Holding the rosemary in place, wrap a piece of floral wire around the front of the wreath, then twist in back to secure. Add more rosemary sprigs if you desire, and repeat with the floral wire to secure. Trim any excess wire.
  4. Tie name cards onto the front of the wreaths with a piece of red and white twine.
  5. Repeat until you've made a mini wreath for each guest.
  6. Place at the center of your place setting.