Bee Sting Chapstick


makes about 10 chapsticks


Make sure your hands are very clean, since you are making something that will hold bacteria at room temperature in wax until you find it with your lips, ew.

  1. Fill pot with a few inches of water and bring to a boil. While water is heating, combine the beeswax pastilles, the cacao butter and the coconut oil in the glass bowl. Set the glass bowl onto the top of the pot and stir frequently until all ingredients are melted. While wax mixture is melting, queue the empty chapstick tubes in the filling tray.
  2. When wax mixture has melted, add castor oil, essential oils and honey, then stir well again. Avoid stirring too fast or whisking, which will form air bubbles and make for a nubby chapstick.
  3. Pour in tubes. Use what you will inevitably spill as instant cuticle cream, foot rub or hand salve.
  4. Use scraper to remove excess mixture from top of tray.
  5. Allow chapsticks to sit for 10 more minutes to cool completely.
  6. While the chapsticks are cooling, print and cut out matching "Pucker Up" labels.
  7. Carefully remove chapsticks from the tray, add caps on top, and wrap with "Pucker Up" labels. If the labels don't stick due to the tubes being waxy from the filling, use a small piece of transparent tape to secure the labels in place.
  8. Hand out to all your friends and family for Valentine's Day!