Rose & Eucalyptus Bath Bomb



  1. In a large bowl, combine all your dry ingredients (baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt).
  2. Tear dried rose petals into small pieces and add to dry ingredients. Mix with a whisk.
  3. In a separate, smaller bowl, combine all your wet ingredients (almond oil, water, rose essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil) and mix together with a spoon.
  4. Very slowly add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients while stirring with your whisk. If you add your wet ingredients too quickly, it will start to bubble, so be sure to add your wet ingredients as slow as possible.
  5. The consistency of your mixture should feel like damp sand. If it doesn't, slowly add 1 more tsp of water until it gets there.
  6. Fill one half of your bath bomb mold with the mixture. Make sure to pack tightly, and fill until the mold is a little overly full. Repeat with the other half of the bath bomb mold.
  7. Squish both halves of your bath bomb mold together. Keep your bath bomb in the mold for a few minutes and then remove it from the mold. Transfer it to a soft surface (like a fluffy towel) and leave it to dry overnight.
  8. Print out our "You're the Bomb" labels and attach to your bath bombs with a piece of twine.

If your bath bomb gets stuck in the mold, try sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes and then retrying to remove it from the mold. Also, coating the bath bomb mold with a thin layer of baking soda before filling may help keep your mixture from sticking to the mold.