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Are You Brushing Your Hair All Wrong?

January 4th, 2017

I never thought a beauty tool could truly be “life-changing” until I met my magic brush. If you have thick tangle-prone hair like I do, you can probably relate to this: I used to spend ten frustrating, painful minutes a day combing through my hair after every shower. By the end of it my arms ached, my scalp hurt, and my brush was full of broken hair. I had tried so many types of brushes — round brushes, fine tooth combs (OUCH), soft brushes, paddle brushes — so when my stylist suggested the shower brush, I was fairly skeptical it would change much. I’ve never been happier to be wrong. After one easy comb-through in the shower, my hair was air-drying tangle free. It turns out there a plenty of tips and tricks that can make brushing your hair easier and more effective. So we got together with stylist Erica Rae to get the inside scoop on brushing, including which tools to use when and proper brushing technique.

photographed by jessica attie, modeled by laura dominguez, featured image via mane interest

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4 Comments under :: Are You Brushing Your Hair All Wrong?
  1. on a light note, my college age son bought me a diptyque candle for Christmas, which i love. I asked how he knew Iwould love one, he mentioned he looked it up on my fav blog Camille Styles. So impressed he knew to look you up and your gift suggestions!!!

  2. Never thought to clean my brushes with shampoo, but it totally makes sense. Looks like I have a lot of shampooing to do tonight!

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  3. keith says:

    I hear the stories from clients all the time about that time they tangled their hair in the brush.

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