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May 8th, 2014

In honor of this month’s theme (Wellness), this edition of Office Style is all about exercise gear. We asked the stylish (and inspiringly fit) girls of South Austin fitness studio, MOD, to fill us in on their favorite brands and pieces to rock during one of the studio’s high energy classes that incorporates barre work, Pilates, Yoga, strength and resistance training, cardio and stretching in to each endorphin-inducing class.

photography by nicole mlakar

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  1. I love to exercise, expecially in this period of the year…
    I’m trying to improve my scheduling to add more fitness. Love this post.
    xox, Gap

  2. Such a fun shoot with beautiful and rad ladies. Thanks Mod Studio!

  3. What a fun shoot! That studio looks amazing. I’m sure if I lived in Austin I’d be a regular. Love all of the workout apparel 🙂

    xo. jen

  4. Loved being part of this shoot! Thanks for featuring us and the great shots Nicole.

  5. […] It’s no secret that I’m a fitness junkie. I loved Camille Style’s post on MOD Fitness’ space and instructors. I can’t help but laugh of this video of Reese Witherspoon and Cara […]

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