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Lo & Sons Travel Bags (& Giveaway!)

December 16th, 2014

photographed by jessica attie

Travel days are undeniably better when you’ve got a brand new set of luggage, and we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lo & Sons to send a pair of chic creatives home for the holidays in style. Tiffany Dixon Kerr and Spring Weaver will be leaving their busy desks at GSD&M, Austin’s premiere advertising agency, for some well-deserved time time off to hang with family and friends. A newlywed and account director, Tiffany is known around the agency for her elegant style and always pulled together look. With her full-sized suitcase in tow, she was a perfect match for the smaller O.M.G. bag from the Lo & Sons collection. Spring’s everyday style is very feminine and relaxed — she’s loved for her adventurous spirit and contagious laugh. We outfitted her with the larger O.G. bag and met up with both girls at the Austin Steam Train Association to send them off in style. Has anyone ever looked chicer boarding a train? We think not.

*and don’t miss our holiday giveaway where you can win one of these bags for yourself — click through the slides to find out how simple it is to enter!

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We wanna know...

For your chance to win a Lo & Sons travel bag: Which size bag do you like best? Tiffany's O.M.G. bag or Spring's larger O.G. bag?

  1. Alyssa says:

    I love the OMG! And the brown color is great.

    • Saaniya Bedi says:

      I have been eye-ing the large OG for so long! With a remote job you have no set office, so you really need to be able to carry everything you need for a long day, including a laptop! But my favorite feature is absolutely the shoe compartment – I walk around the city a lot for work and having the added space for a pair of walking shoes would save so much pain! Great photoshoot!

  2. Britt says:

    The larger overnight bad would be perfect for so many occasions. So well made!

  3. Kelly Williams says:

    The OMG is on my Christmas list already- in black with the gold lining. Here’s to hoping you grant my Christmas list wish!

  4. kate says:

    I love the OMG bag; it’s the perfect size!

  5. Carly says:

    I love the O.G. bag! Would be perfect for my commute to work, the gym, and then home every day! So stylish, too!

  6. Tila says:

    I love the OG bag in brown. What a great addition for a work trip!

  7. Andrea says:

    Tiffany and Spring are so stylish! I love the O.M.G. bag!

  8. liz ray says:

    My favorite is the O.G. bag Spring is carrying. I’ll take it on my next trip to Alaska to see our sons; Daniel, an engineer and Stephen, an Airborne soldier with the US Army.

  9. Carla Ewert says:

    I love the larger O.G. bag. Model Spring and bag are both lovely.

  10. Sarah S. says:

    Love Tiff’s O.M.G. bag. Beautiful, ladies!!

  11. Virginia says:

    I already have the OMG and it’s the perfect bag for work travel. I’d love to add the OG to my arsenal as a weekender!

  12. Kari Allman says:

    I love the larger bag with all it’s compartments! Plus I need a great and versatile bag like that one.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I’d gladly take the OMG bag! It’s the perfect size to hold all of my carry-on essentials when flying or to avoid clutter in the car during a road trip. Love that it’s not too fussy or trendy. Very streamlined and a classic look sure to last for years.

  14. Maggie says:

    Tiffany’s O.M.G. bag would be perfect for so many trips and work! What a beautifully made bag!

  15. emily d says:

    love the OG – looks like a great option for traveling with a toddler too!

  16. Alicia says:

    I love the larger bag it’s perfect for all the trips I take!

  17. Kathleen McGlade says:

    I would love to the OMG. Actually I would LOVE to give it to my best friend for Christmas 🙂 She has a lot of traveling coming up and deserves a really great bag – these are beautiful (just a tad out of my price range)

  18. Love the OMG bag! my favorite….great for everyday and travel.

  19. Vickie says:

    Love the versatility of the OG!

  20. I love Tiffany’s O.M.G. bag. It would be so handy to take with me when traveling in Italy 🙂

  21. Lauren C. says:

    Love the O.G. bag! It would be perfect for work travel!

  22. Amber says:

    I do a lot of travel for business – the O.M.G is the perfect size for me!

  23. Erin says:

    I absolutely love the OG! So gorgeous – it would be great for my upcoming honeymoon!

  24. Molly Cover says:

    I love the OMG bag. It looks perfect for traveling on my own or with kids!

  25. jessica says:

    I think the OMG bag would be perfect for a quick getaway!

  26. Sophia says:

    I love the versatile O.M.G bag!

  27. I really like both bags but I prefer Tiff’s O.M.G. bag just a little more.

  28. kelly c says:

    These bags are so precious! I like them both but would really love the larger O.G!

  29. Ashley S. says:

    The O.G. bag is perfect for me!

  30. Kaye L says:

    I love the OMG bag! I’m going to start traveling quite a bit with my job and it would be perfect!

  31. Marlo says:

    The OMG is a great size! I love that it straps onto the suitcase- so convenient!

  32. Laura says:

    Love the OMG! What a perfect bag for a weekend getaway.

  33. Eileen says:

    The OMG is my favorite. I’d use it for my laptop and for travel.

  34. Erin L. says:

    The OMG bag looks perfect for a busy lady like myself! it super cute in blue too.

  35. Heather says:

    I like the O.M.G. bag, definitely in navy blue!

  36. Catey Warner says:

    The OMG bag seems just right. I love the navy colored one but all of the colors are so good.

  37. Rachel says:

    The O.G. bag would be perfect for all this holiday travel – and throughout the year! With several big trips coming up in 2015 (NZ, Mexico, Maine), I would love to have the navy O.G.!

  38. Lacy S says:

    OG Bag in navy would be simply perfect for those last minute extended work trips 🙂

  39. Patricia M. says:

    The OG bag for overnight trips since the OMG seems just a bit too small.

  40. Pam Greer says:

    I love the OMG in chocolate!

  41. Aleece K says:

    Both are high quality, functional bags, but I would personally love the OMG. The chocolate color is gorgeous!

  42. Lauren S. says:

    I love the OMG. It;s the perfect size!

  43. I love the OMG bag! Beautiful shots.

  44. Andrea M says:

    I love the OMG bag!

  45. tricia haydon says:

    I Love the OG bag, it would be the perfect size for our weekend get aways. It would be a fantastic upgrade to my basic black Tumi duffle that is now @ 10 years old:(

  46. jen s says:

    Loving the OMG bag!

  47. Heather White says:

    That’s tough because they both look great! But, I think the OG would be perfect for a weekend getaway.

  48. I love the O.M.G. Its the perfect carry-on size!

  49. Big fan of Tiffany’s smaller OMG. I’ll be interning at GSD&M next semester & would love to sport this to and fro as I learn the ins and outs of HR 🙂

    Can’t wait to work under the same 6th street roof as this inspirational pair!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Wonderful, Molly! And congrats on landing the big internship. So many creative careers have started at GSD&M — including mine! Keep your eyes/mind/heart open and there is much to learn. Cheers!

  50. Sharon says:

    The OMG takes you from the plane to work and then for drinks afterwards!

  51. Shalou Barth says:

    I’m a big fan of The O.M.G.! I’m petite so the size is just right and is so perfect for a busy day or even an overnight. Fave color is chocolate.

  52. Shelby H. says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiffany’s O.M.G. bag! This would be the perfect for all of my short haul work trips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  53. masperle says:

    Love these bags. I would pick the O.M.G size for everyday use. Lo and Sons have a great web page.

  54. CJ says:

    The bigger the bag the better I say! The OG bag.

  55. Aimee says:

    They are both great but I think I prefer the OMG bag for everyday use

  56. Meredith says:

    Fantastic imagery – I love the size of the OMG bag!

  57. Meghan N says:

    I love the OMG!

  58. Barb says:

    Love them both but the OMG is my favorite!!!

  59. Caitlyn D says:

    I love the OMG, especially in navy! It would be a great alternative to my small Longchamp duffel, which has no long strap.

    The OMG is perfect because I can alternate between the long strap and the short handles, easing my travel. Not to mention, I travel a lot! I’ve been to 5 countries just this year, and have travelled domestically to more than 10 destination. I’m constantly on the look out for a durable bag that I can carry-on. I think the OMG is it!

  60. TWH says:

    Dear Santa can I please have the O.M.G….. I have been very good this year and this bag would be perfect for my holiday travel :).

  61. Allison says:

    The OMG bag is adorable- it would make travel so much classier and fun!

  62. Sara Ennis says:

    I love the OMG bag – perfect!

  63. Lindsy says:

    I love the OG bag! So perfect for travel and long weekends. Has a spot for everything!

  64. Viviana says:

    OG bag! Love it so much. I travel a lot between my family and my wife’s family in the Rio Grande Valley so a small bag is perfect.

  65. Meaghan says:

    These bags are genius! The O.G. is????.

  66. Cameron says:

    The O.M.G. bag, definitely!

  67. Shanna says:

    I love the OMG! It’s perfect for travel.

  68. estie h says:

    i think the versatility of the OMG bag is what’s winning me over. thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Mary Anne says:

    With 4 kiddos, the larger one would be perfect!

  70. Paige Thompson says:

    The OG bag would be perfect!!!

  71. Deirdre says:

    The O.M.G bag is my favorite — ideal for day trips with the kids!

  72. Jane says:

    I would love the OG bag for long weekends away!

  73. Lori Haislip says:

    Love that O.M.G. bag!!

  74. Sara Colbert says:

    I love the OMG bag!!

  75. Emily K. says:

    I could definitely use the O.G. bag – I need to be able to carry my laptop as well as other essentials!

  76. Ruby says:

    I love the O.G. Bag! It would be perfect for school, work, and the gym! I would use it on all my trips too 🙂

  77. Sarah says:

    I love the OG bag for weekend trips or even just the gym!

  78. Tiffany says:

    The OMG bag – perfect for my commute!

  79. amanda says:

    definitely the big O.G.!!

  80. Silvia Berlin says:

    The O.G. To use as a hospital bag/weekender!!

  81. Laura Nelson says:

    The large bag looks so very useful!

  82. Becky Moore says:

    I love the everyday functionality of the OMG bag. It would be great for the office, a flight, or a trip to the gym!

  83. Catherine D. says:

    I love the O.G. bag! Perfect size for weekend getaways.

  84. Maddie says:

    I love the OMG it looks perfect for work and the gym!

  85. Cathy Drakes says:

    In these sometimes, well most times trying and stressful travel days the OMG Weekender is a sure shot in my plan book. Not too big not too small, fits above and below, stands out in a crowd but does not scream mid level price point mall bag. It looks like it can withstand the spilled child’s drink and a kick from the rude oversized salesman behind you with style and grace. Isn’t that what we all want?

    No hassles about size, colors to make you drool, but not on the bag please. Being an art teacher I cold not afford such a luxury ( for some of us it really is ). So , I would pick the gray, being it’s my beloved go to color that fits in yet stands out. it’s a statement piece that for me says; “I have taste and style, peppered with need for functionality and it really says “girl, you ARE the shot caller in the fashion world of elementary school.”

    Yes, I would have to say I am ahead of most, without sounding to self serving. I would forgo the red Santa sweater in the swap for this piece of art, even though I tell my students my favorite color is rainbow, not every art teacher like the hues of crayons but it keeps a 2nd grader just a bit busier so I can scan this blog if only for a minute so I can stay the shot caller because everyone loves the art teacher and it’s a daunting title to hold on to but I will manage.

  86. danielle krueger says:

    My favorite is the O.M.G. Because it has the perfect mix. Great for travel in my job.

  87. anne says:

    They are both terrific! The O.G. would be perfect for weekend trips.

  88. Tiffany Lee says:

    I need so much on business trips – I need the O.G. in my life right now! In basic black of course!
    Thank you!

  89. Krysta says:

    I feel like you get more bang for your buck with the O.G. Especially for those longer business trips where you need a quick change of clothes and room for your to-go office 😉

  90. I love these travel bags! I travel quite a bit and I absolutely adore the O.G. bag. Anytime I can tuck my slippers in a special place is perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. Beth says:

    OG! You can never have too big a bag!

  92. Meghan says:

    Love the OMG!

  93. michelle says:

    i like the omg bag!

  94. Angela says:

    I love the OMG bag! It is the perfect everyday bag.

  95. The O.G bag in Chocolate would be a dream! I especially love the gold accents.

  96. Lindsey says:

    I love both but my favorite is the O.M.G. bag. It would be the perfect bag for work or to use on an overnight trip.

  97. Jen Summers says:

    The OMG would be perfect for my life, kids, work, play!

  98. Katie Mc. says:

    I love the O.G. bag! I’ve been looking for a great weekender! I’ve been eyeing these bags for a long time. Simple, chic, practical, gorgeous.

  99. Kate V. says:

    I am in love with the larger O.G. Bag in army green. It’s already on my holiday wish list! 🙂

  100. helen says:

    Love the OMG bag – the perfect size to fit everything witbout overwhelming my 5’2″ self!

  101. Lisa says:

    The O.M.G. Bag is so lovely and perfect for overnight

  102. Michelle says:

    I love the OMG bag! It would be perfect for my upcoming trip!

  103. Jennifer says:

    The OMG has a bit more practicality built into its smaller size, but I’d take either! I love the shoe compartment!

  104. Lauren says:

    Love the OG bag in black. It’s on my wish list! Fingers crossed!!!

  105. Ebba Gebisa says:

    I love the OMG bag in chocolate- it’s the perfect size and style and I love how practical it would be for travel and daily use!

  106. Charla says:

    My mom has always said that good shoes and a good bag are worth every penny. The OMG bag would seal the deal for me. And make mom proud that I gave up my backpack.

  107. I really like the OMG bag the best!

  108. Melissa says:

    I like the O.M.G. bag the best!

  109. caroline says:

    The OMG… of course!

  110. Aimee says:

    I’ve been lusting after the O.G.! It would be so perfect for my work commute!

  111. Uschi E says:

    The OG would be the perfect bag for me for ever

  112. Tiffany says:

    Love the O.G. bag.

  113. Justine says:

    I can’t decide between the two sizes! I would really need to experience them in person and load them up. I keep waiting for a L&S pop-up shop in my city.

  114. KaceyDeamer says:

    OMG I love the O.M.G. bag!

  115. Brittany says:

    The O.G. bag would be perfect for a dual purpose diaper bag/work bag! I am sick of having two bags and switching stuff back and forth between them 🙂

  116. Khristene says:

    The OMG bag is so classic!

  117. Lauren H says:

    I’ve been wanting a Lo & Sons bag for so long. Love that OMG bag!!

  118. Thea says:

    I love the O.G. Bag! It would be the perfect addition to my coming up trip to Barbados! And would be the perfect daily companion for work and the gym??

  119. Carlyn says:

    Love the O.G. larger bag!

  120. DMD says:

    O.M.G. Bag for sure! So versatile and attractive!

  121. Jenny says:

    The O.G. Bag is perfect for any travel situation or my daily commute to work. I’ve been eyeing it forever!

  122. Tammy says:

    Love the larger O.G. bag. Would be perfect for weekend getaways!

  123. Kimneshia Sutherland says:

    The O.G. bag looks like the perfect catch all. It would be a great replacement for the numerous individual bags I carry daily :).

  124. Sarah Jane Bonn says:

    THe O.G. Bag would be the perfect fit for all my needs. Glass, gym, yoga or a quick weekend getaway.

  125. Angela Sayre says:

    The O.G. Bag is perfect for going from gym to work to work evening events. Love them all!

  126. I would love the larger O.G. bag! I travel often for work, as well as for fun! Plus looking good with great accessories makes the trip that much more fun! Sure beats the backpack that I’m carrying around now!

  127. Anna Sullins says:

    I would love the O.G. bag! It’s a great size to bring along to work every day, or to use for weekend travel. Thanks for this post!

  128. Ashley says:

    The O.G. in chocolate or army green is lovely, and so practical – Lo & Sons accomplishes this combo flawlessly! What a dream!

  129. Melanie K says:

    The O.G. in chocolate is absolutely my favorite. So perfect for quick weekend trips and as a carry-on with more luggage on longer vacations. Thank you for this opportunity and for sharing a great new brand with us!

  130. Andrea says:

    The O.G. in black (with gold accents) has been on my wishlist for a long time!

  131. robin says:

    LOVE the O.M.G bag…classic, stylish and functional!!

  132. Breanna M says:

    I am loving the Spring’s larger O.G. bag! Would be great for travel as well as work! Also, love the neutral color.

  133. Karman says:

    I love the O.M.G. bag- it would be perfect for traveling, and looks like the perfect size. Not too big, not too small, just right for all the essentials!

  134. April Robison says:

    The O.G. bag would be so perfect for weekends at the coast.

  135. Jenny says:

    I love the OG bag, it would be the perfect bag for traveling!! Maybe as an sole overnighter.

  136. Shar says:

    I just started a travel-intensive job myself and the O.G bag would be the perfect companion. Love all the features and colors.. so practical and so classy! Absolutely in love!

  137. Brianne L Walgamuth says:

    What an awesome giveaway – thanks for the opportunity! I have been eyeing the larger O.G. bag for quite some time now. It would make the perfect weekender!

  138. Debi Case says:

    The OG bag would be perfect for my weekend get-a-ways!

  139. Kristina Nieves says:

    That’s a tough decision. We just bought a timeshare and I think the OMG would be a perfect compliment to my carry-on. I have a pouch that says, “I only pretend to be organized”. With the OMG it could finally be the truth!

  140. Jenny says:

    I love the O.M.G. Who doesn’t need more space for “stuff”. 🙂

  141. Taylor Anderson says:

    I prefer the O.M.G. ! Perfect for my upcoming travel!

  142. Julie says:

    I love the OMG bag in black with gold accents and camel lining! So handy!

  143. Morgan says:

    I love the larger size of the O.G. bag. I think it would make the perfect 2nd carry on for work trips. So classic and beautiful!

  144. Adele says:

    I would love the O.M.G.! What a perfect size. I never carry my diaper bag anymore (even though I still have one in diapers) so this would be perfect for everyday essentials for me and the little one. Thanks!

  145. Tina Russell says:

    I really like the OG bag. I have been eyeing the black with gold trim and camel interior forever! I will be traveling a lot more in 2015. The OG seems to be the perfect bag for that!

  146. Kellye Kephart says:

    I love the O.G. !! perfect for a weekend getaway!!

  147. katecope27 says:

    I love Tiffany’s outfit and the OMG bag!

  148. Erica says:

    I like the OMG. Its not too big. I would love to have that during holiday travel season!

  149. Anni says:

    Love the O.G. Size!

  150. Sarah says:

    The O.G. bag is such a good size! Love it!

  151. Ann-Brooks says:

    I love the O.M.G. bag and would have so many different uses for it! Would be thrilled to win one!

  152. Devon says:

    Definitely the OG bag. Always the ‘over-packer’.

  153. Gretchan Senft says:

    I love both, but would pick the larger OG. More room for souvenirs!

  154. Kira K says:

    The OMG bag seems to be the right size for packing light, which is always my goal these days!

  155. turqandteale says:

    The OMG sounds like just the right size for so many occasions!

  156. Sarah W says:

    The O.G. bag is a perfect size! Love it!

  157. libbybaur says:

    The OG bag is just what I need for commuting into downtown Austin via the train. Change of clothes, coffee, and laptop all in one bag would make the downtown dash a breeze!

  158. kelli says:

    i’m really like the smaller bag in the army green color.

  159. Mollie says:

    The OMG bag looks like a perfect size! So versatile!!

  160. Jill says:

    I like the OMG bag. It’s the perfect size bag for traveling.

  161. LeAnn says:

    The OMG bag would be a great size for my needs right now!

  162. timsy says:

    I LOVE the OMG bag… so many pockets for all my stuff!

  163. ET Pruitt says:

    I love the O.G. bag

  164. Chel says:

    I love both bags as the designs are very clean and stylish looking, yet completely functional. I would get daily use out of the OMG bag as I could stash my essentials, work things and toddler snacks and toys! I also do a lot of traveling, so it would be perfect as a carry on bag.

  165. Tiera says:

    Would love the OG! Perfect for overnights & weekends, carry-ons, and even gym & work!

  166. Katelyn says:

    Love Lo&Sons! The O.G. bag is my dream carry-on!

  167. I love the O.M.G. handbag. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


  168. Emily says:

    Loving the O.G. Bag! The shoulder strap and extra room are always key for me!

  169. Rachel says:

    Definitely the OG – I always have too much stuff and need the larger bag!

  170. Qunnah says:

    I love the OMG bag..and not just for the name! . It’s an ideal size for a girl on the go like myself without being too large. Living in NYC has taught me you have to be ready for anything. With the OMG, I will be.

  171. Sandra says:

    I’d love a OG bag to cart around my textbooks, laptop as well as my yoga stuff. No need for an extra purse I’d carry everything in there. Oh and the navy colour is gorgeous.

  172. Astami B says:

    Definitely the O.M.G. handbag. Living in NYC as a photographer, safety and staying incognito is key. Carrying around an obvious camera bag screams “ROB ME!” The fact that the O.M.G. handbag is oh so stylish is totally a lovely plus!

  173. Emma K says:

    I love the OG bag! It’s the perfect travel carry on bag.

  174. Becky says:

    The OMG! Perfect for travel – not too heavy and I would carry it to work every day as well! LOVE this bag! And what a fabulous Christmas present!!

  175. Dian says:

    I LOVE O.M.G! I have been going to Lo&Sons website everyday just to look at it!

  176. Erin says:

    I’ve been eyeing the blue O.M.G. handbag for months now! I travel between Scottsdale and Austin several times a month for work and this would make that trek so much more pleasant :). Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Soo says:

    I love the O.M.G bag! I love to travel and be organized so the OMG bag is my dream travel bag. It has everything I want in a travel bag. I love the pockets, look, and size! It was definitely designed well.

  178. yvonne. says:

    I currently have a stylish work bag that carry nothing but papers. Or another that carry just the Notebook and little else. The O.M.G. has been on my wish list since I read about it a year ago as it allows me to combine work and play. Perfect for when I need to throw work essentials in as well as gym essentials and an extra pair of shoes, especially since I don’t drive. Great looking bag for a well rounded lifestyle.

  179. Jennifer McKenzie says:

    I love the OMG bag. Perfect bag for 2015!

  180. Chelsea says:

    I am absolutely in love with the O.M.G. bag. I’ve talked about it on my blog, but have yet to actually try it myself! One too many times have I dug through my Longchamp bag at their airport for something as small as a passport and accidentally spilled EVERYTHING out of it. Ha. Story of my life. I’d love to be better organized when I travel and I totally think this would do the trick. 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  181. Danika says:

    I had purchased the O.M.G. bag for my mother as a Birthday gift. Once it arrived I was instantly envious. This bag is great, and multifunctional. She uses it for work and travel. Great for a lady on the go!

  182. Brie says:

    I love the O.G. bag! Bigger is always better. I love the way this bag looks and how it can easily transition from a work bag to a weekend bag. Since I am a notorious over-packer this bigger size is perfect.

  183. Yvonne says:

    The O.G. bag would be perfect! I travel frequently for work and my current work bag doesn’t attach to my suitcase which is a bummer when I’m navigating numerous airport terminals. And I try to keep up with my fitness regimen while on the road so I love the fact that I can stow away my shoes also! Bye bye Lululemon bags!

  184. Mandy Liu says:

    I love traveling the world, so these bags would be perfect! I have been eyeing the O.M.G bag for awhile now! It’s just so amazing how small the bag is, but it can fit so many things in the one little bag! I’ll probably start saving for one after Christmas, since I’ll be buying other people’s presents!

  185. Grace says:

    I love the OMG bag! It’s perfect for work.

  186. Nuraan says:

    I love the O.M.G bag for sure. Perfect size.

  187. Courtney J says:

    The OG bag would be so perfect traveling to and from the office everyday! Love the shoe compartment to store my heels.

  188. Whitney says:

    The O.M.G bag is fantastic. It’s the perfect size for traveling. I’ve been eyeing it all year. Fingers crossed!

  189. Norma M says:

    First off both bags are gorgeous! However if I had to choose I would pick the O.G Bag. I just went on their website and wow their bags seem amazing! I love this overnight bag because it’s perfect for weekend getaways. I usually carry a simple backpack on the train or bus and this would make my weekend family visits stylish and a must have. I especially love the side compartment for an extra pair of shoes. And the padded laptop compartment would be great for my tablet and being waterproof makes it that much better. I would absolutely love this bag, I would use it often and definely take care of it. I’ve been wanting to purchase a small discreet carry on like this for weekend getaways but have found others to be bulky and simply not attractive however this Lo and Sons O.G. bag seems perfect!! Thank you so much for this opportunity and good luck to all who enter.

  190. bennionlacey says:

    That’s a tough one, I love Lo & Sons bags! I would go for the O.G. bag, because it would give me much more flexibility on what I can bring on weekend getaways. I haven’t got a bag that does that for me yet. Besides, I love an excuse to get out of town for a couple of days!

  191. Jessica W says:

    Love the OMG! Great for travel all over the globe! Would love to take it to Japan in January!

  192. Jessica says:

    I’m a big fan of the OMG, I would use it all the time!

  193. Definitely the O.G.! When I travel for work my carry on always flops all over the top of my rolling suitcase and I’ve been looking for a bag like this f o r e v e r!! It would be perfect for my laptop, books and in-flight snacks! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  194. nicole says:

    I love the OG bag because I can use it as a diaper bag and a large tote to carry everything I’m going to need to work. Lunch, shoes, breastpump etc. Once baby is big enough I can use it to travel!

  195. Kim says:

    I love the OMG bag in black/gold/lavender. I just want all the Lo and Sons bags so badly. I love my Catalina that I got on Black Friday.

  196. Saaniya Bedi says:

    I have been eye-ing the large OG for so long! With a remote job you have no set office, so you really need to be able to carry everything you need for a long day, including a laptop! But my favorite feature is absolutely the shoe compartment – I walk around the city a lot for work and having the added space for a pair of walking shoes would save so much pain! Great photoshoot!

  197. Jaime Cook says:

    I could definitely use the O.G. bag for both work and personal travel. It’s so great!

  198. Thanh Dillon says:

    I appreciate smaller less bulky items like the OMG bc I am petite and carrying a bag like this fits my style well.

  199. Meg Maloney says:

    I love the OG bag!!

  200. Caitlyn m says:

    Tiffany’s OMG bag is divine!

  201. Mary Ann says:

    The OMG bag is the perfect size for a weekender bag. The muted grey/brown colour is not only on trend but I suspect it would be easier to clean and handle bumps and bruises along the way. Awesome bag!

  202. Diana says:

    Love. Love both bags!! My Mom has dementia and I travel back and forth between Georgia and California and this bag would be wonderful. I usually travel with carry ons and I have been eyeing these 2 bags.

    In February my niece, sister-in-law and I are heading to London and Paris for 10 days!! This bag would come in handy!! 🙂

  203. Allison says:

    Love the OG!

  204. Annika says:

    so in love with those bags! I love them both but I just ordered a travel bag to Germany from Lo&Sons so I would def go with the OG bag – yes, I am so in love with them to have them shipped to a friend in the US who then ships to Germany.. great giveaway! Thanks!

  205. Liz says:

    I love the O.G.! As a medical student, it’s great for traveling to conferences and interviews without carrying a backpack full
    of books. It’s also the perfect size for my constant weekend traveling visiting my long-distance boyfriend or meeting him
    someplace fabulous!

  206. Kyla H says:

    I adore the OMG bag because it’s big enough for longer trips but will still help me curb my overpacking tendency! I love that it’s so stylish while remaining super functional and practical. I also LOVE this train photoshoot!

  207. Lauren says:

    Love the OMG bag!!

  208. Emily B. says:

    Life’s too short to make hard choices – why not have both bags and be prepared for whatever life brings. These bags in classic styles and colors will go anywhere I go and contain the gear that goes with me.

  209. Gabrielle says:

    The OMG bag!!

  210. Jinah M. says:

    I love the OMG bag! It is so stylish and looks like the perfect size for all of my things.

  211. Marielle says:

    I’d go with the OG back so I could fit my laptop and camera if necessary!

  212. Jessica says:

    Tiffany’s O.M.G is ideal for everyday and travel use. I carry about 3 bags a day: a purse, a work tote (for files, laptop etc) and a lunch bag. the O.M.G can serve as an all in one. Such a well made bag. If only I could afford one.

  213. Erica says:

    Love how even when Camille Styles does a giveaway, it also shows gorgeous photos of the bag and some awesome interview questions!

    The OMG bag seems like the perfect travel bag– the extra shoe compartment, how I won’t lose my keys!, how I can fit in magazines, laptop, and everything I need.

  214. Emily says:

    I love the O.G. bag such a great everything bag! For little weekend getaways or going to yoga and than some studying at my local cafe….it can handle all my essentials. Plus it’s so stylish!

  215. Julie says:

    OMG, the OMG bag would be perfect for so many things! I love the navy blue color and am hoping there will be other colors popping up soon!

  216. The OG bag for sure…I always have a knack for overpacking (for those “just in case I need it” moments)!

    Liz @

  217. Carlie says:

    I love the O.G. bag!

  218. Aracely says:

    Love the OMG bag! It’s a combination of style and function. I can use the bag for work and it’s the ideal carry-on size for travel.

  219. Whitney says:

    The O.G. bag (the hidden pocket ! the key chain – i’m always digging for my keys!)

  220. Blake Butier says:

    I love the OG! It’s been on my wish list for a long time now. It’d be perfect for travels but also for nursing school since I’ll be carrying a lot of items with me back-and-forth between classes and clinicals.

  221. Erica Evelyn says:

    I love Spring’s larger O.G. bag! They are both gorgeous, and you did a wonderful job showcasing both and telling great stories along the way. I have had my eye on this bag, and your post reminded me how lovely it is! Thanks!

  222. Kenya F says:

    I’ve been obsessing over these Lo & Sons bags foreeevverr! The O.M.G would be perfect for going to the gym and traveling. I love all the space and the shoe compartment. I would get the army green color. Thanks for a fab giveaway. Happy Holidays to all!

  223. Kari P says:

    The OMG bag would be my bag of choice. The slightly larger size would be perfect for my essentials as well as any necessary extras. All the colors are amazing, but I’ve been eyeing the navy for quite some time now.

  224. Heather says:

    The OG is my dream bag. So organized…LOVE IT!

  225. Jiliane P says:

    The OMG bag is the best of both worlds.. stylish and functional! The size is great for both every day use and travel, and the colors available are classic and timeless.

  226. brittany says:

    Digging the O.G. for 2015 trips!! 🙂 Beautiful photos ladies.

  227. Annie says:

    The OG! Go big or go home 😉

  228. Kim S says:

    The OG. I think I could fit my camera and my other essentials!

  229. Marisela Mendoza says:

    The O.G.bag is a great size. Thanks for the opportunity.

  230. Larissa B says:

    I love the OG! It’s so perfect as a carry on 🙂

  231. Meredith says:

    The OMG Bag, hands down. I am always filling my travel bags to the brim, and losing my keys in the process – love all of the pockets and space!

  232. Meagan says:

    The OG bag has been on my wish list for over a year- I first saw it on a blog! It would be the perfect size for me. I will soon be finished with college and will need a great transition bag to get me through my first job in PR. There is nothing worse than having a great big bag with no organization. The OG bag is a dream! I am in love with the black and gold- so chic without sacrificing functionality.

  233. Emily says:

    I would love to win either bag but especially the OMG!

  234. Norma says:

    First off both bags are stunning. However if I had to choose I would definitely pick the O.G bag. I’m loving everything about this bag including the easy access key leash, color, and style! It would be perfect for weekend getaways when I visit my family in Southern California. I currently use a bulky boring backpack when I travel by train or bus this would be a huge upgrade. As an added bonus I love the panel sleeve so it can easily be slipped over your luggage handle at an airport for easier transportation. I especially love the side pocket for an extra pair of shoes, slippers, or sandals. And the padded pocket is great for my tablet and glasses/sunglasses. I visited the Lo and Sons website and they seem like a great company I also love the added water resistant material on these bags. Overall this seems like the perfect bag and I would truly be grateful if I was the lucky winner of this amazing bag.Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  235. I LOVE (them both)….But especially the OG Bag, namely because the shoe compartment and shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is a minor thing, but when traveling long days it makes such a difference. I am the person that will fill a bag no matter the size, so the organization compartments in the OG bag is such a lifesaver.

  236. Debbie Johns says:

    What a lovely feature, and a great way to introduce a giveaway. I think the OG bag would be my choice, since I commute several times a month from Texas to our West Coast home. I usually decide (at the last minute) to swap things out between our homes, so usually have my bag stuffed with an extra candle holder or pretty linens. I prefer to walk off the plane (translation…no checked baggage) and into my hubby’s car. If the OG fits under the seat, it’ll work for me!

  237. Emily says:

    I love both but the OG bag looks amazing!

  238. Allie says:

    O.G. pretty please!

  239. Christine says:

    The O.G. is my favorite! As a college student, the size is perfect for all my textbooks and the hidden compartment is perfect for all my gym clothes (I have yoga right in the middle of the day, so I have no time to put my gym stuff back in my room before my next class). The size is also perfect for travel, I live around 400 miles from home and it’d be the perfect size for a week vacation trip back home.

  240. Laura C says:

    I love my Brookline, I use it as my work bag. The OMG would make a great everyday bag!

  241. Jessica says:

    I love the larger size for traveling. So cute!

  242. Jessica N says:

    I love the O.M.G. as a work/day trip bag! Also, that chocolate brown colour is lovely!

  243. Denise Merlin says:

    I’m planning a special trip for 2015 and would LOVE to take the OG in chocolate (or any color) along with me! Such a perfect bag! 🙂

  244. Carly Gordon says:

    I love the OG, but think the OMG might be better for my small frame.

  245. Amanda M says:

    Both bags are amazing but if I had to choose I would go for the OMG bag which I absolutely love. I’m a compartment girl so this is the perfect bag for me!

  246. Amanda M says:

    I absolutely love both bags, but if I had to choose I’d go for the OMG bag, which is amazing! I’m a compartment girl, so this bag would be perfect!

  247. Jean says:

    The OG is my favorite. I have the Brookline and love it – get so many compliments on it and it’s so functional. Perfect for work and travel!

  248. Kimberly Rampersad says:

    I love the OG bag which is the perfect size.

  249. Katie H says:

    The OMG would be the perfect travel carryall for both work and pleasure !!

  250. Su says:

    What an amazing giveaway.. thank you! For me, it would be the OG bag, absolutely perfect in every way.. especially, when there is travel every week. Would definitely make the new year so manageable. I’d be thrilled!

  251. Sue Kim says:

    I love the OMG. And if I won I would give it to my mom. She really deserves a beautiful, stylish and functional bag for traveling!

  252. Lisa Bandy says:

    I love the O.M.G. bag!

  253. Cher Vick says:

    Definitely the O.G. for me

  254. Ellie says:

    I have the O.M.G bag and do not know how I lived without it.

  255. Yesenia says:

    Love the O.M.G. bag!

  256. Bernadette says:

    With frequent business as well as family travel I find O.M.G to be a perfect size “want” right now.

  257. Melanie F says:

    With all this mama’s stuff… I would LOVE the OMG bag. Amazing/gorgeous slideshow! Thanks for the sweet chance ya’ll!

  258. Andi says:

    Who was the winner? It would be a nice feature to find out

  259. Laurie Peck says:

    Love the O.M.G. bag! Getting ready to take my first out of country trip in a few months. That bag would be wonderful!

  260. Norma says:

    Was a winner chosen already?

  261. rusthawk says:

    The larger OG bag is perfect for me.

  262. Rhonda says:

    I think I prefer OG but wonder if both fit in gym locker? I would be using it more often for yoga/work than for travel. Would love to see how water bottle stashes.

  263. I have had my eye on the OMG bag for a while now. I am hoping to save enough to get one for my trip to remarry my ex husband this spring.

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