I can probably think of about a million reasons why I love New York, but each time I visit The Big Apple, the city’s shopping makes my heart pitter patter above all else. Namely, it’s the tiny boutiques tucked away on each street that have inventories bursting with carefully curated designs that — for some reason or another — you just can’t find here in Texas. Enter Olga Vidisheva, the fabulous lady who’s put my boutique-envy to rest with her amazing Shoptiques.com. The newly launched online destination provides access limited edition pieces from coveted, independent boutiques across the country (with Paris soon to join the roster!) That said, we’re so thrilled to have the style maven joining us for today’s My Essentials…

{1}  Always in your closet: Simple white shirts. I love the simple, sophistication they bring. Two of my favorites are a sheer button-up blouse and a cutout-back top

{2} Favorite book: Right now, By Invitation Onlyby Gilt’s founders Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson. This book is a must-read for any entrepreneur, frankly for any fashionista too.

{3} Favorite undergarment/lingerie piece: My favorite lingerie piece is this bra from Princesse Tam Tam.

{4} Favorite fashion accessory: Long necklaces as they make any outfit chicer. One I always wear is similar to this necklace.

{5} Favorite gadget: My Mophie battery charger for my iPhone. I am never apart from my phone since I do so much work on it, but this causes my battery to get drained quickly. Mophie keeps my phone charged all day, which is perfect for my busy work schedule. Here is the one I have.

{6} Guilty pleasure: French fries — I am addicted! I try the French fries at every place I go to! It is often my dinner or lunch.

{7} Favorite breakfast food: Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte at Starbucks serves as my breakfast & pick me up every morning.

{8} Style or beauty icon: Coco Chanel. She embodies all of the principles that matter most to me and was influential in creating Shoptiques’ moto — Be yourself. Be Different. Chanel broke all of the fashion rules during her time. She designed clothes that went against the norm and she was proud to be who she was and never apologized for it.

layouts by Jennifer Rose Smith

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