Office Style :: Mod Fitness

By Lauren Smith Ford
Workout Style | Photo by Nicole Mlakar for Camille Styles

In honor of this month’s theme (Wellness), this edition of Office Style is all about exercise gear. We asked the stylish (and inspiringly fit) girls of South Austin fitness studio, MOD, to fill us in on their favorite brands and pieces to rock during one of the studio’s high energy classes that incorporates barre work, Pilates, Yoga, strength and resistance training, cardio and stretching in to each endorphin-inducing class.

photography by nicole mlakar

MOD Fitness instructors Emma Oliver, Marnie O’Donnell (owner) and Jennifer Welch (pictured left to right) rally before one of the studio’s isometric exercise meets large dynamic movement sessions.

Marnie, a college water polo player, fuels for the 8-10 classes a week that she teaches by starting her day off with 1-2 eggs over medium with a slice of Ezekiel bread and Tabasco. Fruit is always a go-to snack—Gala apples with Justin’s Almond Butter or a grapefruit and Noosa Yogurt is a new discovery.

Marnie says these Nike Studio Wraps are a must-have for the barre obsessed. “They give added traction and support during challenging poses while being stylish and protecting your feet from studio floors.”

Mod sells these all-glass bkr bottles, a brand that is Camille’s personal favorite.

Being active and trying new things has always been MOD instructor, Jennifer’s, passion. She got certified as a yoga teacher three years ago and started teaching MOD Barre when they opened just over a year ago. In addition to her workout classes, she also throws in runs, hip hop dance class and the occasional boxing session. She is wearing a tank from Spiritual Gangster, Lululemon shorts and Toe Sox.

MOD Instructor, Emma, who also manages the Lululemon at the Domain in Austin, is also rocking a tank from Spiritual Gangster. Her necklace is from Arizona-based company, Silver & Sage.

The refreshing scent of Australian-based Aesop, a line of products for the skin, hair and body, fills the inviting studio space.

A mix of class equipment inside the studio.

The girls of MOD like to rotate shoes between one pair for running outdoors and one for classes.

After trying everything from running marathons to spinning and bootcamp, Emma found the missing ingredient to getting the tone she wanted after starting her yoga practice.

Jennifer’s breakfast usually consists of a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, bananas and honey or Giada’s Chia Seed Pudding. In between workouts, it’s avocado on a piece of toast with salt and pepper or a protein shake. The acai bowls and shakes from Blenders & Bowls (in the Wanderlust Yoga Studio) are also a daily favorite!

Marnie’s advice for getting back in to exercise after a break? “Working out should be enjoyable. Any exercise is good whether it’s a walk, barre class or bike ride. Find something you love and make it a lifestyle choice,” she says. “For me, that is barre classes, pilates and walking. Not only will you feel better physically, you will feel better mentally. Make goals for yourself and plan ahead on your calendar. It’s always more fun to have a workout buddy. Skip the happy hours and hit up a fitness class with a friend!”

Marnie is wearing Onzie Peacock Long Leggings, a Nike Dri-Fit Touch Club Side Tie shirt, and her trusty Nike Studio Wrap Shoes.

Marnie heads out the door from a workout in a Lululemon jacket and carrying her Chloe bag.