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By Chanel Dror

For most, the TOMS brand needs no introduction. Since 2006, the company’s bridged the gap between fashion and philanthropy, and in the years since their launch, TOMS’ “One for One” design has proven to be an innovative model for sustainability and inspirational corporate responsibility. Fast forward eight years, and the company’s inventory has grown from the single classic slip-on to so much more… and the team responsible for all that success has grown to include, not-so-surprisingly, three ladies who are just as stylish as they are intent on helping others. Today’s installment of Office Style takes us behind the scenes with Elyse, Charlene and Sarah…

*photography by Mary Costa

Three girls, three unique styles. We caught up with a few of TOMS’ leading ladies to find out what gets their style juices flowing…

First up, Elyse Marriott, Executive Assistant to the SVP of Global Brand Marketing. As a So Cal transplant from the East Coast, Elyse’s style is a reflection of her old home, her new home, and how she’s feeling on a given day. She defines her personal style as preppy, boho chic, feminine, natural and timeless. 

Tell us what you’re wearing:

A dress from Free People (which I’ve been wearing since high school!), a denim vest from Madewell, and lace-up TOMS.

On her fingers and wrists, Elyse stacks jewelry found on her world travels, combined with DIY, heirloom and boutique-bought pieces: Wrap bracelets made by Elyse, coin ring from Athens, Greece, watch by Michael Kors, leather wrap bracelet purchased on a beach somewhere, antique silver and turquoise bracelets from New Mexico, “Love” ring from Bergdorf Goodman, and a diamond ring from her grandmother.

Your favorite places to shop:

Since moving to California, my favorite place to shop is Planet Blue. But I shop by style and not by brand, since I like to mix and match my clothing. 

The brands we’re most likely to find hanging in your closet:

Free People, Anthropologie, J.CrewMadewell, Current Elliot, James Perse, Velvet, Joie, Vince, For Love and Lemons and AG Jeans

The best part of your job:

Hands down, the Giving Trip. When employees hit their one year mark (and three year mark), TOMS sends them on a “Giving Trip” to work with one of our giving partners to distribute shoes in the field. I was fortunate enough to go to Honduras for a week and work with Hogar de Ninos Emmanuel.

Next, Charlene Jackson is TOMS’ E-mail Marketing Specialist whose style tends to lean towards classic fits and styles but with a twist – she’s a sucker for a great print!

Your favorite places to shop:

Madewell and Everlane are my go-to’s, but I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces at local spots like Mohawk General Store or Poketo.

What you’re wearing:

Top from Everlaneplatform wedges from TOMS, Bellini Black Crystal Fade Sunglasses from TOMS, watch from Nixon and necklace by Gorjana.

Who inspires your style?


Your approach when dressing for work:

Comfort is always key. In terms of style I’m kind of all over the map, but my goal is to never dress boring.

From left to right, the girls are rocking TOMS’ Biminis, Platform Wedges and Cordones.

Sarah O’Brien works on a unique team called “Global Customer Engagement.” She works with supporters that want to get involved with the TOMS brand beyond just their products — this could be anyone from a student doing a project on TOMS, a professor featuring TOMS in a class, or someone who wants to share TOMS’ Giving story with their business or a community group.

Describe your signature style: 

I’m all over the place — a little bit country (I’ve got one too many pairs of boots and always have a vintage item on), a little bit rock ‘n’ roll (and by that I mean sparkles), dare I say a splash of street, and lastly island vibin’ (we don’t have to bring up the amount of tropical print items that hang in my closet). 

There are no rules – I grew up on Guam and have lived all over since: New York City, Austin TX, and now in California — I like to think each place plays a role in  every one of my outfits.

Your approach to dressing for work:

California days are all over the place – breezy mornings, scorching afternoons, and chilly evenings. For the office, I’m a fan of layers and keeping it on the casual side of lady-like. You can usually spot me in boots, a skirt, and my  favorite trench-coat). 

What are you are wearing? 

Silver Nautical Biminis from TOMS, pants from Zara, Leopard Print Leotard is vintage from my mama’s closet, and my Nike jacket was handed down to me by my grandpa when he was 99!

My earrings were my grandmother’s, as is one of my bracelets. I’m also wearing a friendship bracelet from my friend Dana, and a third bracelet that reads “Trudy,” my vintage alter-ego.

Who inspires your style?

I’d like to say I’m a mix of the elders in my life because my closet is mostly filled with their vintage garb – my grandmas both love sparkles, my mom is the girliest (heels, giant sunglasses, coordinated outfits, and not a hair out of place), my dad has a laid back style (button-downs and flip-flops) and he’s been power-clashing since before it was cool, and I’ve got way too many of my brothers’ oversized T-shirts and button-downs from the 90s —  I often find myself frequenting men’s apparel sites and fashion blogs more than women’s!

Your favorite places to shop:

My mom’s closet, my brother’s closet, my grandma’s closet, and thrift stores in the desert. 

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Photography by Mary Costa