Martha Lynn here, and today’s ‘do is inspired by a chic chignon I’ve been spotting around Pinterest lately… and once I sat down to give it a shot, I even surprised myself with how easy it was to recreate. I’m loving this technique because it works with any hair length (past the chin) and any texture… and with the weather heating up, now’s the perfect time to introduce a new pulled-back hairstyle to your arsenal. We used a romantic jeweled headband from Anthropologie, but just about any headband with a bit of stretch will do the trick. Keep reading for the tutorial!

  1. Beginning with lightly curled hair that’s teased at the crown, slide your headband around the crown of your head.
  2. Starting at the front of your hairline, pull hair in small sections from below the headband, and tuck as pictured.
  3. Continue working towards the back of your head as pictured. Sections can vary in size and can be tease, pulled and loosened as you desire.
  4. Repeat from the other side of hairline.
  5. Once one layer is tucked, you can choose to stop here and leave the style half up-half down.
  6. Or continue by tucking bottom hair up and around as pictured. Reinforce with bobby pins and spray all over.

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Martha Lynn