Today’s tutorial is perfect for long-haired ladies who like to keep their hair down, but are looking for a super easy trick that adds interest and volume to your mane. Enter: the braided headband — a “do” that’s so doable, don’t be surprised if you catch me rocking it at more than one holiday party this year. All you’ll need are a couple of rubber bands, a few bobby pins and the handy instructions from Martha Lynn… and as always, Cory‘s step-by-step photos are here to help!

  1. Section hair and tease around the crown, spraying as you tease. Clip top of hair leaving a bottom section from mid-ear down.
  2. Split bottom section in half and braid each half, angling each braid forward.
  3. Grab a strand from the braid tail, and carefully bunch the rest of the braid upward so that its messy like a rope.
  4. Wrap braid across head and pin it to secure.
  5. Wrap second braid over first to cover rubber band, and remove rubber band of second braid before pinning.
  6. Let the rest of your hair down.

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Chanel Dror