With the temperatures heating up, it’s time to start thinking about the ponytail, an easy breezy go-to look for summer. Martha Lynn here, and I have all the details for taking your pony to the next level. I think the trick is to make it look a little special while keeping it effortless, so you don’t look like you just left the gym. A high ponytail that’s bouncy, secure and polished is a tall order, but it can be easily achieved if you break it down into a couple of sections:

  1. To create texture and bounce for the ponytail, you will want to curl it before you put it up, so it has as much volume as possible. We used a 1-inch curling iron and Living Proof Flex to set the curls, but it won’t get stiff, so you can still manipulate it into a ponytail.
  2. Pull out a small section in the front of the hairline and clip out of your way (you will come back to this last).
  3. Gather the remainder of the hair at the top of the crown and smooth into a ponytail. It can be helpful to flip your head over to do this, so that gravity is working in your favor!
  4. Gently tighten ponytail, so it’s secure and so the “tail” has a little bump to it.
  5. Lightly tease the front section.
  6. Smooth back the front section lightly, laying it back over the top of the head (this creates the volume for the ponytail).
  7. Wrap the remaining “tail” of that section around the ponytail to cover the rubber band and secure with a bobby pin.
  8. Tease the ponytail to give it volume and finish with Living Proof Flex.

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Martha Lynn