Pretty Simple :: French Braid Bun

By Martha Lynn
French Braid Bun Tutorial | Camille Styles

French Braid Bun Tutorial | Camille StylesFrench braids bring back so many childhood memories… I had hair down my back growing up and I pretty much lived in some kind of braid. I love how sophisticated and “grown up” this updated version of the french braid looks. Once you master this classic braid, you can really have fun by trying it in different ways for various occasions and suddenly that “braid board” on Pinterest will make so much more sense. I love that I can wear this look and it will (for the most part) look exactly the same the next day. Perfect for summer weekends or for day two hair! I will admit that it does take some practice on yourself but don’t give up — once you figure it out it will be a style you can throw together in a pinch.French Braid Bun Tutorial | Camille StylesnewPostLabel_Instructions

  1. Lightly tease hair at the roots to create some texture and to prevent the hair from parting when you start the braid.
  2. Take a small section of hair (I usually take the area in between the brow arches) and the split it into three sections.
  3. Start your braid by taking the right strand over the middle and then the left strand over the middle.
  4. Begin adding hair in a horizontal section on the “open” side of the braid. (Looking at photo #3 you can see that on the left they are crossed over each other and the right side is open — that’s how you know where to start.) Once you add the hair to the braid, cross it over the middle an then repeat on the opposite side.  You are just picking up hair, adding it to the “open side” and then crossing it over the middle repeatedly.
  5. Continue the braid all the way down and secure at the nape of your neck with a rubber band. It’s helpful as you work your way down the braid to tilt your head down to keep it from getting “bumpy” on the bottom.
  6. If there are any areas that need smoothing, you can comb or brush them down and then use a tail comb to lift out hair from the hairline so it’s not too tight.
  7. Take the remainder of your ponytail and secure it in a loose bun with bobby pins!French Braid Bun Tutorial | Camille StylesMartha LynnKate Stafford Weaver