Pretty Simple :: The Subtle Shimmer

By Martha Lynn
Shimmery Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles

Shimmery Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Camille StylesDon’t you just love it when a new eyeshadow or lipstick completely shakes up your makeup routine? As a makeup artist, even I can get in a product rut. We all need our go-to “five minute face”, but it’s good to try and stay open-minded to new products, too. You never know — you might find a game changer. These eye shadows from Estée Lauder were just that for me! I love that they have a subtle shimmer without feeling over the top and the shades play well with the florals that we are seeing everywhere this season. They’re perfect for creating a pretty nighttime look that isn’t too heavy for summer. You can dampen your makeup brush if you want the colors to be more vibrant but I’m loving the soft pastel look we created today on Lander:Shimmery Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles


  1. Using a wider eye liner brush like the one in this kit, smudge a dark charcoal gray color like “Cyber Metallic” along the upper lash line.
  2. Cover the remainder of the lid with a pale shimmery pink like “Cyber Pink” and then focus a shimmery purple like “Cyber Lilac” towards the corners of the eye and in the crease. (Tip: Blending is your friend here and since the colors all compliment each so well. Feel free to blend away!)
  3. Focus a peachy pink color on the apples of your cheek to compliment the purples in the eye shadow.
  4. Give yourself two coats of mascara allowing the first coat a chance to dry a little before adding the second coat — I like Dior Show for tons of drama.
  5. Finish with your favorite pink lipgloss!

Shimmery Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Camille Styles


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