Pretty Simple :: Updo for Short Hair

By Martha Lynn
Updo for Short Hair Tutorial | Camille Styles

Updo for Short Hair Tutorial | Camille StylesYou did it. You cut your hair off and you’re loving it because it’s super healthy and sassy — but now you’re panicked that you can’t wear it up, ever. One of the biggest hair myths is that short hair can’t be worn up. Martha Lynn here, and I have some great news for you bob babes: you can put it up! I will admit that it takes a little more work than throwing it into a ponytail but it’s totally worth it. A twist here and a curl there and this simple updo will prove that short hairstyles are versatile, too!Updo for Short Hair Tutorial | Camille StylesnewPostLabel_Instructions

  1. Your first step is to get the front and top hair (likely the longest hair you have) out of the way. This is what’s going to help you fake the length and create a good base. On Whitney, we clipped away all of the hair from the ear forward and then split the back half in two sections.
  2. Starting with the bottom section, start twisting and pinning the hair up and out of the way.
  3. We did a total of three twists. This part doesn’t need to be super neat because it will be covered up in the end.
  4. With the top section on the back you will tease the hair to create volume at the crown and then lightly twist the hair to the right while pushing it forward slightly to create that “bump” that will create balance and will give it something special.
  5. Twist and secure this middle section down over the bottom section (where you did your twists and pins to start) and pin with bobby pins.  See — it’s already starting to look like an updo!
  6. Using a 1 inch curling iron curl all of the remaining hair away from the face (this was the hair from the ear forward that we clipped away in the beginning).  Run your fingers through the curls to create separation and to avoid that 80’s crispy tendril look. Gently take the ends of some of the longer pieces and secure them with bobby pins over the “bump” and let some of the shorter pieces fall out if they want to for a romantic feel.
    Finish with hairspray and voila: you’ve tricked everyone into thinking you have long locks!
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