Styling in the Rain

By Lauren Smith Ford

I could get lost in the crowds of SXSW simply people watching for hours on end. People from around the world have arrived in Austin to back-to-back rainy days, and it’s been interesting to see how festival goers and locals alike are handling it from a style perspective. We assembled a group of our favorite rainy day looks for fresh ideas on what to wear under your umbrella.

Pancho + Tulle — an unexpected, but somehow perfect juxtaposition, image source.

It’s not easy for a dude to pull off a pair of Hunters (unless you are Prince Harry), but this dapper fella makes it work, image source.

A nautical-inspired look is always fitting for rainy days, image source.

The weather couldn’t keep this fashionista from her stilettos, image source.

Grecian-inspired street style at its best, image source. 

Ladies in (chic) waiting, image source.

Iva Jean rain gear gets fashion + function just right (they even carry a skirt specifically made for biking), image source.

Handsome (and prepared) in his hat, image source.

Monochromatic with just the umbrella as a pop of color, image source.

Sometimes all you need is a classic trench, image source.

This might be a look fit only for Chuck Bass himself, image source.

Color coordinated, image source