10 Best Hammocks

By Emma Banks

It’s that time of the summer again: toeing the line between sun kissed and sunburnt, nose in my latest novel, always on the lookout for my new favorite lazy day hangout. I’ve just recently bought my first hammock, and nothing beats hot summer days like an afternoon siesta in the familiar comfort of its linen embrace. The best part? It’s the perfect spot for some much-needed solo time, totally stress-free and all about stylish comfort — all in my own backyard! This time last year, we made our own DIY Hammock, and now we’ve picked out some more of our favorites to spread our love of lazy days. So whether you’re relaxing all summer or in major need of a vacation (yes please), take a load off once in a while — you deserve it!

featured image

1. La Siesta Mayan Net Hammock

2. Our own DIY Hammock!

3. Byer of Maine Brazil Hammock Chair

4. Byer Barbados Hammock

5. Handcrafted Cotton Hammock

6. ENO Hammock

7. Algoma Double Rope Hammock

8. Portable Nylon Swing Hammock

9. Anthropologie Canyon Fringe Hammock

10. Twin Oaks Woodland Hammock