Our Team Resolutions

By Jenn Rose Smith

We love the clean-slate feeling of a new year — that peaceful post-holiday calm that allows us to reflect inward on our own private goals. Personally, I’m a big resolution-maker. I believe that the simple act of writing something down makes it more likely to happen. As we prepared for this post, it was fun to see what everyone on our team is thinking about right now and take inspiration from their diverse resolutions. We’d love to hear from you as well. What are your goals for 2014?

Camille Styles:
I want to become a better listener. To really engage with my friends and family, put away my cell phone and any other means of multitasking. To go beyond just hearing them to actively focus on what they’re saying (not what I’m going to say next.)

image via the sartorlialist

Cara Greenstein:
I’d like to create an evening ritual of reading a book. Instead of dozing off to a glaring laptop screen in bed, I would rather fall asleep to a new favorite novel.

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Carrie Ryan:
I’d like to practice sewing more this year.  My grandmother’s old Bernina has been calling my name and I think  its a disservice for her to sit in the closet.

image by sarah costa

Chanel Dror:
I’ve vowed to be super fit this year, and yoga is my regimen of choice. Starting January 1st, I’ll be upping the anti from two classes a week, to four or five… who’s with me?!

image by david martinez

Chelsea Fullerton:
I’m taking a trip to Mexico with my fiance this spring and am determined to learn basic Spanish before we go. I’d love to be able to speak to shop owners and townspeople!

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Claire Zinnecker:
I want to take more road trips, the best way for me to take a break from work.

image by we are the rhoades for kinfolk

Cristina Cleveland:
In 2014 I want to try my hand at the 5 Piece French Wardrobe. If you haven’t heard of it before, the idea is to only buy 5 new pieces each season (with there being two fashion seasons per year). With a bit of planning, I’ll hopefully end up buying 5 pieces that I really love and will get a lot of use out of instead of impulse purchasing pieces that I may or may not wear.

image via claudie pierlot

Elizabeth Winslow:
This year, I will finally master bread baking, using a natural starter. Loving the alternative flours and whole grain loaves in Tartine’s Book No 3!

image by katie newburn

Jennifer Rose Smith:
I want to learn and practice calligraphy this year, so that by next Christmas I’ll be able to address my holiday cards in style. Chanel and I are signed up for a class with Antiquaria in February and I’m really excited about learning the basics of hand-lettering.

image via lisa holtzman calligraphy

Kate Stafford:
I’d like to get back to making art for the sake of art instead of just being creative for work. I’m thinking of taking a ceramics class or perhaps picking up watercolors again!

image by eva juliet

Martha Lynn Kale:
I want to learn to finally put my nice camera to use!  It’s time to upgrade my photo skills beyond the iPhone and a filter!

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Mary Costa:
I’m making a vow to go to more concerts in 2014. I love the energy of live music, and Los Angeles has so many great venues to explore!

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Sarah Yates:
I plan on really buckling down with my commitment to good health and re-incorporating this green juice into my every day routine!

image via a house in the hills