Monochromatic Monday :: A Boho Home

By Chanel Dror
Boho Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Boho Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

We all love a gorgeous, well-designed space — a home where every detail is thoughtful, intentional and purposeful, and not a single item appears to be out of place. But then there’s the opposite — you know, those spaces that look effortlessly unpredictable and anything but “designed”. In those homes, great style appears to have just happened over time, and there’s no way to shortcut the gradual acquisition of stuff. I moved into a new place in November, and though the past two months have been dedicated to turning it into a home, I’m looking forward to six-months-from-now when the place will hopefully look lived in. No matter the new pieces I purchase or how many different ways I try arranging them, it’s the little things that’ll give the space personality. With that in mind, today’s style board celebrates everything distressed, paled, muted and patterned.

image sources: bohemian bedroom photographed by russell smithcarpets photographed by christopher herwig; willow basket with teal jars from save on crafts; wild bambino in floral shirts from ruby starpantry containers from andrea mckennon; penguin book spines by david pearson designglass bottles from design sponge, multicolored ceramics from hanne bertelsen keramikmulticolored textile (original source unknown); hanging chair from a beautiful mess