Monochromatic Monday :: Natural Selection

By Jenn Rose Smith
Natural Inspiration Board | Camille Styles

Natural Inspiration Board | Camille StylesIf you’re a person who loves design, you may find yourself prone to short-lived love affairs with trends (read: phases). I’m no different, I’ve been through neon jeans, ikat prints, and yes — I even had my moment with the chevron. That’s why when I find something that appeals to my “forever taste”, I know it’s going to be a good investment. For me simple white linen, straw bags and hats, cuff bracelets, organic shapes and anything made from recycled glass are sure to draw my eye year after year. This weekend I discovered the Brooklyn based line loup charmant and pretty much fell in love with their delicate white vacation-y pieces. It’s so in line with what I’ve always liked that I feel confident in splurging for a piece or two. Now I just need the beach destination to go with it! As for the hand-painted tribal patterns on my board, I know it’s probably just a summer fling. But those can be fun, too…

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