Monochromatic Monday :: Take a Hike

By Chanel Dror
Summer Camping Inspiration | Camille Styles

Summer Camping Inspiration | Camille Styles

If today’s inspiration board doesn’t make you itch for a dose of the great outdoors, I don’t know what will.  A friend of mine spontaneously headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park last week, and looking at his photos got me reminiscing about the countless summer hikes and camping trips I took growing up, and even more so about how badly I’m in need of one now. Even though our month of travel is focusing on jet setting to far-off destinations, there’s no doubt that the best getaways are often found just outside of town. So in the spirit of everything rough and rugged, here’s hoping today’s board will urge you to take a deep breath, unplug and hit the trail before summer’s end.

sources: girl hiking via pinterest (original source unknown); canoe from Gnargglescamping bedroll and mugs by The Denizen Co.; camping gear from Kinfolk via Pinterest; girl in blanket via dara muskat (original source unknown); redwood forest campsite via The Chive; reading in tent via Travelettes; bonfire via Camp Karankawa (original source unknown); hiking boots via hiking dreams