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By Chanel Dror
The New Potato | Entertaining With | Camille Styles

If you’re looking for in depth glimpses into the food adventures and habits of global tastemakers, look no further than The New Potato. Founded by sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann, the site is our go-to destination for daily lifestyle inspiration, so you can imagine our excitement when the talented twosome agreed to share their entertaining style with us! Featuring cheese boards and a classic Moscow Mule, click through for a look at the Kosann sisters’ totally laid back and chic style.

Our standard hostess outfits: 
Danielle—I usually wear something pretty and simple (It’s nice to wear something easy to move around in), and then accessorize with jewelry so it feels a little more special.  
Laura—My go-to outfit for entertaining is rocking one comfortable statement piece, like a Diane Von Furstenberg one-piece that I can throw on and be done, keeping the rest pretty minimal. 

The entertaining rule we never break: 

To never run out of food or drinks. We always overbuy. 

Our signature entertaining drink: 

We love making Moscow Mules (in addition to having lots of wine and a fully stocked bar on hand). They’re super easy to make and always go over well with guests. All you need is vodka, ginger beer, lime and candied ginger. 

The New Potato’s Moscow Mule Recipe: 

Squeeze lime juice into a high-ball glass with ice. Fill the glass with 3/4 vodka. Top off with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wedge and a piece of candied ginger.



The taste we are always craving: 

Citrus or Ginger. We always stock the bar with fresh citrus, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, lemons and lime. Fresh-squeezed juice is an amazing addition to any cocktail.

Current favorite color palette for parties:

We love the look of neutral and white linens with white or patterned plates and bright flowers as centerpieces. Hot pink garden roses or peonies are a go-to. 



Our dream dinner party guests: 

We’d love to have Graydon Carter over for dinner. We love playing the Proust Questionnaire game at parties, so we’d definitely make him play with us. 

The restaurant meal we’ll never forget: 

We went to the White Barn Inn in Maine last summer for a few days and had the most ridiculous meal there. The restaurant there is definitely an experience in itself. 

Our must-have entertaining tools:

Slates from Brooklyn Slate and vintage wooden boards. They are great for prep and look beautiful for plating appetizers. 

Always in our refrigerators: 

Even though we don’t live together, we spend so much time together that our tastes are essentially the same at this point. We both always have avocados, lemons, almond and coconut milk, wine, blueberries and dark chocolate.

The perfect dinner party playlist includes:

We love a mix of old and new: Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, Van Morrison, Lorde, Phoenix and Daft Punk. It’s nice to have variety and keep it relatively upbeat.

Our entertaining style in 5 words or less:

Simple, chic and fun.