4 Moves to Get in Shape Before Your Ski Trip

By Chanel Dror

Editor’s Note: In mid-January I’ll be going on my first ski trip in years. What do I remember most vividly from my last time on the slopes? The out-of-this-world soreness I felt after Day 1. With that in mind, we begged Marnie to share some ways we can prepare our bodies for the intense quad workout our bodies get while skiing, so without further ado…

From Marnie: We are getting ready to hit the slopes this season. Barre fitness is an effective way to cross train, strengthen your legs to increase performance, and most importantly prevent injury. You’ll be ready for black diamonds, fresh powder, and maybe this is the year your try cross country in the back woods. That’s our goal!

photographed by jessica attie, model and instructor jennifer welch, location: mod fitness in austin, featured image by sweaty betty

Standing Down Dog Split

  1. Lift your left left leg up from the floor as high as your flexibility permits with a straight leg, and walk your hands back towards your feet. Bend your left knee and lift it towards the ceiling so your hips are stacked.
  2. Lower your left leg down and tap your left knee to your right calf without touching the floor. Lift your leg back into your down dog splits position.
  3. Do 15 reps and repeat on the right leg.

Technique tip: keep your standing leg firm with your knee slightly bent and your abdominals pulled in.

Runners Cross Lunge

  1. Start with right foot forward and left leg back in a lunge position. Your front knee should be directly over your heel to make a 90 degree angle (this is 6 o’clock). Place your hands on either side of your right foot for balance.
  2. Step your left foot to the right diagonal corner at 4 o’clock. Keep your hands on the ground, staying low to the ground.
  3. Return your left foot to the starting 6 o’clock position. Do this for 1 minute and switch sides.

Thigh Dancing with Weights

Thigh dancing is one of our all time favorites at MOD Fitness to help strengthen your legs especially in your third set. It’s a thigh blaster that will prep you for black diamonds on your next ski trip.

  1. Start sitting on the floor with your knees hips width apart, sitting on your heels with light weights in each hand.
  2. Tuck your hips forward so your hips are over your knees. At the same time extend your arms overhead in front of your forehead.
  3. Lower your hips and return your elbows back to your side for one rep.
  4. Repeat for 2 minutes without letting your seat touch your heels. Take a quick break and repeat again for 2 minutes.

Technique tip: If you have knee discomfort curl your toes under and work in a higher position to relieve discomfort.

Curtsy Lunges with Weights

  1. Start standing with heels together and toes 4 inches apart. Pick up a light or heavy set of weights in each hand for added challenge. Raise your arms to shoulder height with your elbows bent and knuckles touching. If you don’t have hand weights grab a bottle of wine or soup cans from your kitchen (but don’t drop them)!
  2. Step your right foot back and cross it behind your left leg. Bend knees and lower your body down until your legs make a 90 degree angle. As you bend your knees pull your elbows back towards your shoulders to work your back and arms. Keep your weight evenly distributed between your legs, your upper body vertical and make sure your front knee doesn’t move forward of your toes throughout the exercise.
  3. Step your right foot forward to your starting position.
  4. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side. This time bring your weights up overhead to work your shoulders and arms. Return back to your starting position. Do 20 reps on each side alternating legs.