Gift Guide :: Elizabeth Spruiell

By Jenn Rose Smith

Elizabeth Spruiell Gift Guide | Camille Styles

Fitting that Elizabeth Spruiell included a box set of J. D. Salinger novels in her gift guide — we’re pretty sure she’s descended directly from the Glass family. When she’s not cruising around breaking hearts in her 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser, this sharp oil and gas attorney is busy serving as the photo and music editor at large for Austin Tidbits. Elizabeth dropped in to give us a few gift ideas befitting her classic and sporty style.

Elizabeth’s picks:

1. I have a penchant for all things Ivy and nothing reeks of heading to the quad after a good row like this gym bag from Rugby Ralph Lauren.

2. Salinger A solid addition for any home library.

3. Rose gold headphones So so pretty and a beacon for coffee shop small talk.

4. What I wouldn’t give for a Macbook Air!

5. Ray Ban Clubmaster For my bro, whose were sadly stolen, and because they go with his hair (and mix tapes) perfectly.

6. Jean jacket: the perfect wash from Rag & Bone

7. I love this little blanket and all its colors. It makes me think of cabins and fires and and maybe s’mores.

8. Horn tumblers  These are… sharp. Okay, a poor pun but a good gift!

9. Crosley player I know vinyl is not for everyone but the colors and retro design are too good to pass up. Even if it’s just for display (although that would make me sad).

10. Giles and Brother railroad spike cuff  Tough? Cute? Nothing wrong with a little bit of both.

11. Deborah Lippman nail polish All my friends need an excuse to wear this.

12. Red clutch Bowie, Mick, Beiber…Wang? One of my favorite fashion headliners.

 …and a few questions from us:

CS: What do the holidays mean to you? What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?
I love time off of work, random holiday parties, and checking out other people’s holiday cards. Spending time with those you love is valuable no matter the time of year but it’s really fun for me now that my friends have little ones and families of their own.

CS: What’s a complete “splurge” item you’d love to give or receive this year?
I really don’t need a thing so if I could splurge in giving, I’d love to get each of my parents something truly thoughtful and perfect. I have years of really crummy gifts to make up for!

CS: Do you have any go-to gift ideas for co-workers or acquaintances?
I take unfair advantage of my mom’s kitchen prowess and usually give away her homemade sweet pickles.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
It’s not really a tradition as much as routine. I love hanging out in my mom’s warm kitchen while she makes all her holiday candies and desserts while Bing and Andy Williams play in the background.

Favorite holiday song?
I’m a traditionalist. “O’ Holy Night” gets me every time!