Baby Registry Take Two with giggle

By Lauren Smith Ford
Registering wtih Giggle | Camille Styles

I can still remember walking through the big box baby store with the remote controlled clicker in hand selecting items to add to my registry that I thought I just couldn’t live without…I dreamt of a germ-free life where I always had one of those cushioned grocery cart seat covers on hand for every trip to the store. Today’s reality? Rushing to the grocery store and zooming through it as fast as possible before baby girl loses interest…and, well, attempts to escape the cart. I can barely remember to grab the reusable bags required in Austin, let alone the seat cover. I thought I couldn’t live without multiple options for nursing pillows. One became my go to, and the other sits in storage. My registry needed some serious editing…and I made a lot of compromises based on the store’s limited selections. As I am entering the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I can’t help but look back on what I wish I would have registered for the first time around. So, Camille and I had a blast perusing giggle, the ultimate online registry source for all things stylish baby products, to put together our picks for the essential items we would have registered knowing what we know now. We particularly love the Better Basics collection of creative ideas for nursery & decor, bath & health, toys, clothes and much more. Moms and mamas-to-be, we would love for you to share your registry tips in the comments below!Registering wtih Giggle | Camille Styles

1. giggle Better Basics Striped Convertible Baby Gown — Phoebe got all kinds of cute outfits when she was born, but I soon realized that the ones she wore most were (a) soft against her sensitive skin and (b) warm and cozy. Everything in the Better Basics collection totally meets both criteria.

2. giggle Better Basics Muslin Sleeping Bag — Sure, I want Phoebe to look cute. But I found out very quickly that comfort is key when it comes to dressing an infant. Something soft and breathable like this muslin sleeping bag is a registry must-have.

3. giggle Better Basics Hooded Bath Towel Set — You can’t have too many hooded bath towels. Bathing baby and then wrapping her up in a cozy bath towel for some cuddle time is one of the best evening rituals.

4. giggle Better Basics Nursery Bedding — Get extra fitted sheets! You’ll need to change them way more often than you think you will.

5. giggle Moses Basket — We ended up using our Moses basket so much – Phoebe slept nights in it when she was an infant, but even when she graduated to the crib, she still napped there so she could be close by me downstairs. When she outgrew it, it became a great catch-all for her toys (and she loves rocking her dolls in it, too!)

6. giggle Better Basics Harper Crib — The clean, classic lines of this crib will never go out of style… which is perfect, since it converts to a toddler bed, making it a hardworking piece that will be used for years.

7. Multiportions Food Storage Tray — Once Phoebe started eating solids, I loved making homemade fruit and vegetable purées for her. The cups in this tray are great for storing extra in the freezer, and the cups are the perfect 1-serving containers.

8.  Ergobaby Ventus Performance Carrier — We love our Baby Bjorn, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d get a carrier that also converts so that you can carry baby on your back. I’ve seen kids as old as 2 years old who will still happily ride along on their moms backs while they make dinner!

9. giggle Reversible Wide Brim Sun Hat — Get your baby used to wearing a hat as early as possible! It’s never too early to start sun protection, and their skin is so sensitive and vulnerable to sunburn that first year. Plus, nothing’s cuter than a baby in a sunhat.

10. Monte Design Como Glider — We got an adorable rocker for the nursery upstairs, but if I’d known how many hours I’d spend doing middle-of-the-night nursing sessions in my bedroom, I’d have gotten a chic rocker that would go well with our own bedroom decor.Registering wtih Giggle | Camille Styles

1. giggle Organic Lion Play Mat — When it comes to stuffed animals, Ellie doesn’t discriminate…she loves them all! I like this one for its multi-use (a soft cushion for a newborn nap turned toddler toy).

2. giggle Exclusive Maclaren Mark II Umbrella Stroller — We love our BOB stroller and thought it was the only one we needed, but as soon as Ellie could sit up, I wished for a lightweight option that I could easily get in and out of the car. Maclaren’s latest, a giggle Exclusive, weighs in at just 7.3 pounds.

3. giggle Better Basics Buddy the Dog — This 100 percent cotton striped pup would play the role of imaginary friend for tea parties by day and sleeping companion by night.

4. giggle Classic Knit Romper — Unfortunately, many of the dresses we bought Ellie for the first six months of her life sat in her closet, and she lived in comfy rompers just like this one.

5. giggle Better Basics Stroller Organizer — My diaper bag soon became too cumbersome to bring along on every outing, so having a pouch like this for the essentials would make being on the go much easier.

6. giggle Better Basics Harper Dresser — This perfectly makes the transition from changing table to sleek storage, just the kind of piece Ellie could have in her room for forever.

7. Kate Spade New York 2-Piece Feeding Set — Between the earrings I have on right now and my diaper bag, I love all things Kate Spade. Having these utensils that are familiar to Ellie on hand would help the often hectic meal times at restaurants.

8. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair — Not only is the high chair something we use for meal time, but in the early days, I could put Ellie in the chair with a few toys to keep her contained while I was cooking, so investing in one like this modern charmer from OXO Tot is a great idea.

9. Milestone Baby Cards — With my baby book in hand, I thought I would do a much better job of documenting the many milestones of Ellie’s life. But, my good intentions didn’t match the reality of my sleep deprived new mom haze. Something as easily accessible as these Baby Cards would have been easy to keep out on a counter as a reminder to take a moment and document along the way because as the wise moms say…the days are long and the years are short!

10. Bunch O’ Blooms Bloomers Gift Set — My baby number two is coming this summer, so I imagine she will be along for the ride to many playdates for my toddler at the swimming pool or splash pad. With her sun hat and one of these cuties, she will be ready for whatever adventures the summer may bring.

*this post was created in collaboration with giggle