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Besties :: Laney and Dawn

April 21st, 2014

If there are any friends we tend to live vicariously through, they’re the ones who live in Manhattan. We couldn’t be more excited to catch up with Laney Crowell and Dawn Spinner Davis on a blustery day in the city for our second installment of “Besties”. An afternoon strolling the West Village with these two brunette beauties led to talk of trenchcoats, style (and the occasional celebrity sighting!) So set your watch to East Coast time, and find out what makes this NYC friendship tick…

photos by belathée photography

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8 Comments under :: Besties :: Laney and Dawn
  1. Jessi Afshin says:

    Such an adorable and sweet story! Loved this Jennifer, great job!


  2. Kate says:

    What a sweet idea! Although their NY Life makes me desperately miss London/home.

    Kate xx

  3. Chanel Dror says:

    Love this stylish duo! Too, too cute.

  4. Miss Sophisticate says:

    Such a sweet story and cute girls!

  5. Gemma says:

    These photos capture their friendship perfectly. Love, love, love this post!

  6. diane smith says:

    Adorable besties! Fun to learn their story…makes me want to visit the
    Big Apple again with my BFF!

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