Christine & Steven Visneau

By Camille Styles
modern family living room of Steven & Christine Visneau

For fashion stylist and designer Christine Visneau and her husband, photographer Steven Visneau, work is life and life is work. They’ve woven their creative endeavors so seamlessly into the happy life they share with their two daughters in Dallas that they’re almost one in the same, and constant collaboration is their default. And as co-creators of thoughtfully-curated online shop VeeCaravan, the Visneaus wouldn’t have it any other way. They invited us to step inside their perfectly-edited 1950’s cottage to have a look around at the space where their family works and plays… and they spilled the details on how they make it all work so beautifully.

*photos by Kelly Christine

How did you two meet?

We met while we were both living in NYC around 2002 through a mutual friend. We were both in relationships but somehow we knew that afternoon at that BBQ joint in the West Village that we had a future together. I think within two hours we had established we were going to move to Texas and have kids. It’s a long story how we got where we are today and best told in person so if ya want to hear it, next time you see us, just ask.

What do you love about working with your significant other?

When I was younger I was surrounded by a few very creative couples and always admired them. I knew I wanted to be with someone who understands the madness of a creative job, and better yet – collaborate on projects together.

When you do your own creative business you don’t shut off, so it makes sense to be with someone you can discuss business with anytime – on a date night, over our morning coffee or yelling ideas back and forth while one of us is in the shower.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

That we don’t shut off! Ideas come at the craziest times…so I’m sure it can be a bit annoying to our family. When we’re on vacation we will try to throw in a photo shoot or we’ll have to have a quick business meeting on the weekend.

What was the best piece of advice given to you on marriage?

You will have rough patches, everyone does, just work through it.

What was the best piece of advice given to you on business?

Do what you love and what feels right and people will respond to that.

Tell us about your home:

We live in a 1950’s cottage. It’s small (1160 square feet) and perfect for us. We have to be very thoughtful in our purchases and strategic in decorating, so we have become very good editors. There is a small room in the back of the house that was a screened in porch when it was built, then made into a room – that is where I design/sew, Steven edits/retouches, and where our kids craft. I honestly think it’s the most used room by all of us.

What’s a typical daily schedule like for you?

Wake up, drink coffee and get the kids to school. Run, eat breakfast and then tackle emails. For VeeCaravan I may be packing orders, designing for our next quarterly shop update and researching designers and products for the shop – or I am on a fashion styling job. Steven is either on a photography assignment, or next to me on his computer retouching images from a shoot or we are brainstorming ideas for the shop or a photoshoot project we are working on together. In other words – everyday is completely different.

Do you cook in the evening? If so, what’s your favorite meal to make at home?

Yes, we try to cook as much as possible. We have a few go to meals but I have a rule of trying one new recipe a week. We vote if it goes on the menu or not. If we like it I write it out on a card and save it to my ever-growing recipe box. Our favorite dinner is pizza in our pizza maker.

How much time do you spend together on an average day? Is it important to have time apart?

We spend most of our time together, unless we are both out on a freelance assignment. We both love being home and just hanging out with the kids but do make time to go to dinner or a show alone as much as possible. We understand that time together is essential for our marriage. We have never felt the need to get time apart; our lives are so busy we are always working on getting more time together.

How does your significant other influence your creative process?

We believe deeply in each other’s taste level – and also inspire each other on a daily basis on what we read, research or naturally gravitate towards.

What’s your creative process as a team? 

Honestly our creative process is pretty simple. We throw out ideas to each other and what we agree on is the winner.

Christine, what’s your favorite thing about Steven? 

Steven’s work ethic. Whether he is playing drums, directing models on his set, or working a VeeCaravan pop up – he does it with a passion that inspires me to keep going no matter what.

Steven, what’s your favorite thing about Christine? 

As Christine mentioned taste level is paramount. I trust her vision when it comes to most all aspects of what she, I, and we do in our mutual and individual creative endeavors. She is my muse to whom I can use for inspiration as well as a benchmark of quality creative work. Truly she is my partner.

*photos by Kelly Christine