The Most Romantic New Fragrances

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Valentine’s Day can sometimes be anything but romantic. In my mind, a holiday that centers completely around men meeting impossibly high standards for romance in the middle of dreary February is just kind of unfair. However, even though most of us enlightened ladies know that Valentine’s Day is mostly marketing fluff, we all get our hopes up, right? It’s in our nature to expect something heading our way from Cupid on the 14th, feminism be damned.

My solution to the cycle of our expectations being squashed every year: tell him exactly what you want. In my opinion, men are really great at following directions; they like the challenge, and they usually feel relief that they’re not left to try to decode the mysterious female mind themselves. Is it as romantic as being surprised with a puppy and a dozen roses at your cubicle in the middle of the day? Well, not exactly. But, I’d rather forgo the element of surprise and allow my guy to gift me in the exact way that I want, rather than endure that painful process of expectations and disappointment.

In my opinion, one of the best gifts to request from your fellow this time of year is a new scent. It’s the perfect gift: a big enough ticket to feel like a substantial gesture, but far more affordable than, say diamonds. Plus, a beautiful fragrance is something that will give you (and your guy!) pleasure every time you wear it—let the Valentine’s spirit live on! Ahead, check out my picks for the sultriest new scents that you should consider requesting once the day rolls around. Or hey, purchase it for yourself—we’re supposed to love ourselves first, right?

featured photo by jennifer rose smith


Milieu Rosa by Odin

If you love rose-centered perfumes, this gorgeous new pick is the queen of them all. This scent blends moroccan rose, rose de mai, and turkish rose with geranium and woods for a balanced, slightly spicy payoff.

Maison Margiela MMM Replica by the Fireplace

So, it’s the dead of winter—embrace it, rather than fight it, with a scent that evokes the coziest scents of the season. This new fragrance from Margiela balances smoky-sweet chestnut accord with pink pepper, clove and Gaïac wood for a uniquely sultry scent.

Ilary Roll On Perfume

Whipped up with the goal of creating a modern love potion, this roll-on perfume combines jasmine, sandalwood, ebony wood and orange blossom—creating a modern yet classic scent that is pretty and easy to wear.

Clean Reserve Terra Woods

Calling all nature lovers: this scent evokes crisp air, running water, and fresh wood, balanced with just enough sweet coconut and vanilla to create a feminine, wearable scent.

Ea Rose Eu de Toilette by Diptyque

Ah, Diptyque. The perfect gift always, right? Well, it just got even better: this limited-edition version of the brand’s Eau Rose comes all decked out pretty, romantic packaging by Olympia Le-Tan, perfectly complementing the scent’s pretty blend of bergamot, lychee, rose and cedar.

Jardins d’Ecrivains La Dame Aux Camélias Cologne de Nuit

Sure, the fragrance itself is gorgeous—verbena, cardamom, violet, rose, and juniper wood are among its unique and lovely notes—but, can we talk about that bottle? I say that every woman deserves to own a perfume with a fancy fringed sprayer.

Fictions Eau De Parfum: Paris, She Met Him in Secret

The next best thing to tickets to Paris? This Gallic-inspired scent that features violet leaves and leather—just suggestive and sultry enough.

Tom Ford Venetian Bergamot Eau de parfum

For a sparkling scent that evokes the promise of warmer weather ahead, look no further than Tom Ford’s uber-luxe Venetian Bergamot parfum, which sets the tart citrus fruit against florals, woods and spice for a refreshing scent that won’t be out of place while the weather is still chilly.