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These are the Best Grown Up Acne Treatments

I cringe at the thought of my high school skincare routine. I was (shocking for a future beauty editor) obsessed with products and tried different things all the time. Like many teenagers, I was convinced that I needed strong scrubs and bracing toners to clear up breakouts. If it’s not burning a little, then it’s […]

The Prettiest Nude Lip Colors for Spring

With the temperatures warming up here in NYC (finally!), I’m stashing all of my dark lip shades and searching those elusive your-lips-but-better shades that brighten my face without looking overly bright or heavy. Thankfully, the market has been delivering with some truly beautiful natural shades for all skin tones this year. Whether you prefer matte […]

The High Tech Treatments for Flawless Legs this Summer

Swimsuit season brings a mild level of fear to almost everyone, but it can feel especially harsh if you suffer from spider veins. Like a lot of common skin conditions, spider veins are more embarrassing than they are dangerous or unhealthy. That said, it’s important to consult with an experienced physician before treating your legs. Camille’s […]

7 Shave Products That Will Transform Your Shower Ritual

Many beauty rituals can be fun and even a little glamorous to indulge in. Unfortunately, shaving usually falls into the “daily drudgery” category, rather than the “let’s-get-pampered” zone. The “pink tax” and flimsy, irritating (and expensive!) shaving supplies certainly add insult to injury for women looking to get smooth. What’s a slightly stubbly lady to […]

Your Guide to At Home Peels

Few categories of beauty products instill fear in women in quite the same way as peels. I doubt any of us have forgotten that painful episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha gets an in-office peel and spends the rest of the episode with a face that resembles something like raw hamburger meat. […]

How to Pick Your Best Face Primer

A trend that I’ve been loving in makeup over the past year is the emphasis on the complexion. Gone are the days where it’s all about a “statement eye” or “statement lip”—these days, it’s all about showing off and enhancing your skin’s beautiful tone and texture.  Of course, most of us need a little bit […]

The Best Hair Treatments by Hair Type

We’re deep in the throes of winter by now (pause while I turn up the thermostat—brrr!), which means that our hair has probably seen better days. Whether it’s a flaky, irritated scalp thanks to drying indoor heating or frizz, static and dullness from the cold, now is a good time to consider adding a regular […]

This Mascara Rivals Lash Extensions

It’s undeniable: lashes are having a serious moment right now. Whereas falsies used to be reserved for rare circumstances and extensions were mostly reserved for pageant queens, now many women count applying false lashes or getting lash extensions touched up as part of their regular beauty routines. Personally, I prefer a more natural lash look, […]

The Best Nighttime Retinols

It’s true that there isn’t a magic spell for perfect skin—however, retinol is such an amazing ingredient that it’s almost a supernatural solution for whatever skin woes are getting you down. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol speeds up skin cell’s renewal process (sometimes referred to as “cell turnover”), meaning that with regular use, you […]

The Brow Fillers Pro Makeup Artists Swear By

Beauty trends seem to come and go on an almost weekly basis, but one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere—thankfully!—is full, defined brows. After the harrowing period in the ’90s when women hacked their brows down to barely-there lines (I was totally guilty of this—were you?), the bushy, natural brow made a serious […]

Sheet Masks to Save Your Skin

I have to admit: when sheet masks first exploded onto the beauty scene, I was a little skeptical. They seemed kitschy at best—and why is something like a single-serving face mask even necessary? Well, I quickly changed my tune around the time that I had a baby and suddenly anything that would streamline my beauty […]

You’re Never Too Young to Start Using These Age Prevention Products

Recently, Allure magazine took issue with the term “anti-aging”, and I have to say, that’s totally awesome. As the magazine admits, not everything about getting older is wonderful—but the idea that aging is something that we need to fight every chance that we get is sexist and frankly, dated. There is a unique beauty and […]

Splurge Hair Tools that are Totally Worth It

Call me superficial, but I always look forward to that first cool, crisp day in the fall where I can actually spend a little time styling my hair and actually enjoy the results of my handiwork throughout the day—rather than having my locks descend into a frizzy mess as they do all. Summer. Long. Something […]

Matte Lips for Fall

It’s easy to get caught up in the “back-to-school fever” this time of year and be convinced that you need bangs, a new wardrobe, and even a new routine—but in my mind, little seasonal tweaks can make a big difference (and cost a lot less money!). Enter: lip color. There are few makeup products that […]

These Oils Will Make Your Skin Glow from Head to Toe

After a long, sticky summer of avoiding anything heavy or greasy for my skin and hair, I always seem to be caught off-guard when the temperatures suddenly drop and my skin is desperately thirsty and my hair is a frizzy mess. Of course, with winter still (thankfully!) being many months away, it’s not exactly time […]

Your Ultimate Dry Brush Kit

Anyone else feel a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of “holistic” beauty tasks we’re supposed to partake in these days? Gone are the days when a haircut and mani-pedi made you feel somewhat pulled together; now you’re expected to start every day with oil pulling and apple cider vinegar shots. Personally, I have a […]

Summer Beauty Rescue Kit

In our fantasies, summer is a romantic, glamorous season, filled with long, golden days and not a cloud in sight. Our limbs are tan and glowing, our hair tumbles in mermaid waves, and there’s never, ever a mosquito or the presence of sweat-inducing humidity. The reality? Not so much. Yes, summer is glorious, but it […]

The Best New Bronzers

Oh, bronzer: what a torrid relationship we’ve had with you. From the heavy-handed days of the early aughts to recent days of being bronzer-phobic lest we all look like Paris Hilton, you’ve set a healthy dose of fear in our hearts.  Thankfully though, if you’re one of those who shied away from this product in the […]

The Best New Sunscreens

It seems like winter is never-ending… and just like that, it’s the time of year where we’re all in a panic about how to protect our delicate complexions that haven’t seen the sun in months. It’s certainly an upside that there are more products than ever on the market to help you find the exact […]