It is the holy grail of makeup —  that “I’m not wearing makeup” makeup look. Martha Lynn here, and I personally have always had to fight dark circles around my eyes, so you can be sure that on any given day I have some sort of concealer on. In fact, I think it was my quest for the perfect combo of concealer and foundation which led me to a career in hair and makeup! With so many different options out there it can be super overwhelming, and our trial-and-error often results in a drawer full of makeup that never gets used! So today I’m excited to share a few pointers about picking out and applying concealers and foundation… with these tips and a quick visit with a beauty professional, you can find the perfect combo for you!

  1. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC30
  2. MAC “Mineralize” Skinfinish in Medium/Dark
  3. Mirror Mirror powder brush (MAC 150 Large Powder Brush is similar)
  4. MAC 227 Large Fluff Brush
  5. MAC 217 Blending Brush
  6. MAC Select Moisturecover in NC20
  7. Beauty Blender
  8. MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette

  1. When selecting your everyday concealer, you want something that does a little bit of everything. It should feel moisturizing so that it won’t build up in your crease, and it should match flawlessly with your face (think 1/2 shade lighter than your foundation so it brings your eyes out!) I have been using MAC Select Moisture Cover for years and I swear that if I were stuck on a desert island… it would be on my short list! It’s line-softening and skin perfecting.
  2. The very best way to apply concealer is with a brush because it allows you to press the concealer in for optimal blending. If you must use your fingers then I recommend using the ring finger because it has the softest muscle on the finger tip and will keep you from pulling on the tender skin around your eye. I like this large fluff brush from MAC, which is also a fabulous brush for eye shadow.
  3. Once you’ve blended under the eyes, apply concealer above the lid and blend to the brow.
  4. For spot treating, use a corrective concealer that has a complimentary color to what you are correcting. For example, if you are covering dark under eye circles that have a blue under tone, use a concealer with pink undertones. I love MAC’s Studio Conceal and Correct Palette and use a small blending brush for blemishes. It has several shades of concealer including one with a pink undertone and one with a yellow undertone for corrections like blemishes or dark circles. I like to mix and match them for the perfect shade! note: For a special occasion that calls for long lasting concealer, I use the MAC Pro Longwear which will last up to 15 hours! This is also great on those long days at the office that turn into an evening of events. It’s slightly heavier, so I don’t prefer it for everyday wear, but it’s great for extra coverage!
  5. After your concealer is in place, apply foundation. Regardless of the foundation you use, I swear by the Beauty Blender for application.  Use it with liquid or powder foundation for a flawless airbrush-like application that lasts all day. Make sure you cover your lips, as it helps your lip color stay in place!
  6. Finish with bronzer to add some gentle contouring and help give luminosity to the skin. Focus your bronzer on areas that the sun hits (bridge of the nose and tops of the cheeks).

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Martha Lynn