It’s official: awards season is here! And there’s nothing quite like the red carpet to get the little girl in me to fantasize about cascading ball gowns, show-stopping high heels, and of course, trend setting hair and makeup. I love seeing how Hollywood starlets take classic, glamorous looks and give them a youthful, laid-back update. With that in mind, I was inspired to demonstrate this casual French twist… it’s easy enough to wear to the office with day 2 hair, yet elegant enough for a black tie affair! Keep reading for the simple step-by-step…

  1. Starting with a deep side part, add texture to your hair. I used Living Proof Flex and a 1-inch curling iron to create messy wave, then teased throughout the crown.
  2. Loosely gather hair at the name of the neck and begging twisting.
  3. Continue twisting, and fold the gathered hair straight up.
  4. Fold the end of the tail back down on itself as pictured.
  5. Tuck the end of tail into twisted hair by gently rolling it underneath until completely concealed.
  6. Secure with bobby pins and allow loose hairs to fall around the face. Spray all over.

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Martha Lynn