Earth Day is Coming! 5 Ways to Celebrate With Your Family

A brighter, greener future for all.

By Brandy Joy Smith
Woman outside on Earth Day.

This April 22nd, people all around the world will celebrate Earth Day. It’s a time to celebrate our precious planet, and consider how we can care for her better. Rooted in a legacy of environmental activism, this special day invites us to unite in honoring Mother Earth. Growing up in California, Earth Day was more than just a date on the calendar for me—it was woven into the fabric of my childhood and shaped by my mom’s deep reverence for nature. Now, as a parent, passing on these values to my own children feels like a sacred duty. If you’re wondering how to celebrate Earth Day with your little ones, join me on a journey filled with wonder, learning, and love for our planet.

Featured image from our interview with Roti Brown.

Woman gardening

How to Celebrate Earth Day: 5 Ideas to Inspire a Meaningful Celebration

Historically, Earth Day has come and gone for many of us without an acknowledgment of its importance. Until climate change became a growing concern for society on a global level—much of this awareness due to shifting weather patterns and warmer temps—we were met with messages to use less, recycle more, and maybe volunteer to plant a tree. But thankfully, things are shifting, and we understand how closely planetary health and community wellness are tied. Many people feel this responsibility and want to pass down a respect for the Earth to their children.

That said, it can be hard to know how to celebrate Earth Day in a meaningful, resonant way. For parents and caregivers looking for answers, I hope the following ideas spark inspiration and action.

Growing Gardens and Cultivating Connections

Planting a garden is more than just digging in the dirt. It’s a labor of love that yields countless rewards. My family has nurtured seeds into sprouts, tended to the soil with care, and celebrated in the bountiful mini harvests. Through this hands-on experience, my children have learned invaluable lessons about patience, stewardship, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

Whether it’s a backyard plot or a shared community garden, cultivating green spaces fosters not only a love for nature but also a sense of belonging and community spirit. Harlem Grown is a great book that speaks to the shared love of gardening.

Woman walking in field.

Chasing Sunsets and Cherishing Moments

Few things rival the enchantment of a sunset. It’s a natural phenomenon and fleeting masterpiece that paints itself across the sky. Whether we’re nestled in a blanket at the park or strolling along the pier, witnessing the sun’s descent always fills us with wonder. Watching the golden hues dance across the horizon can be an opportunity to express gratitude. For the warmth on our bodies, the light it extends, and its fascinating movements. I remind my children of our planet’s beauty and fragility, nurturing a sense of love and awe for the natural world that surrounds us.

Coastal Clean-up and Bonding by the Water

There’s something magical about being near water. It’s soothing for the soul and brings families closer together. Recently, a parent organized a beach clean-up with my daughter’s school friends. We armed ourselves with grabbers, gloves, and trash bags. As we combed the shoreline, picking up litter and sharing stories, I witnessed firsthand the power of collective action and environmental education. Remember, you don’t need an ocean to make a difference. A local park or trail can serve as a canvas for teaching your children about the importance of conservation and community care.

Stargazing Adventures and Eco-Lessons

Picture this: a warm evening, a telescope poised for exploration, and eager little faces reflecting the awe of the cosmos. My children’s fascination with the planets and solar system, ignited by a recent eclipse, has opened the door to meaningful conversations about pollution and light pollution. Together, we’ve peered into the night sky, marveling at distant stars while discussing the importance of preserving our skies for future generations.

This Earth Day, grab a telescope, and let the wonders of the universe spark curiosity and environmental consciousness in your own little astronomers.

Camille Styles backyard patio.

Reducing, Reusing, and Sparking Creativity

In a world dominated by consumption, teaching our children the importance of reducing waste and reusing resources is paramount. One of our favorite activities is reading This Is Not a Box. It’s a delightful book that ignites their imaginations and prompts them to see an everyday item in a new way. By encouraging creativity and resourcefulness, we not only minimize our environmental footprint but also cultivate a mindset of mindful consumption. It’s a gift I know will serve my children well throughout their lives.

The Takeaway

As Earth Day approaches, let’s seize the opportunity to celebrate our planet with our children. It’s a day where we can weave together moments of wonder, learning, and connection. Through stargazing adventures, coastal clean-ups, sunset chases, creative reuse projects, and gardening endeavors, we can instill in them a deep appreciation for the natural world and a commitment to protecting it for generations to come. Let’s embark on a journey of love and stewardship, nurturing a brighter, greener future for all.