Pretty Simple :: How to Hot Roll

By Chanel Dror

How to use hot rollers | martha lynn kale for camille styles

You know that amazingly bouncy look we always see in too-good-to-believe hair commercials? Well, I never thought it’d actually be possible to achieve that on my own, but ever since Martha Lynn showed us how to properly use hot rollers I’ve been singing a slightly different tune. Some of you may already have this styling skill down to an art, but for those of you who don’t, using hot rollers is one trick you’ll want to keep in your arsenal for years to come. Here’s how it’s done…

How to use hot rollers | martha lynn kale for camille styles


  1. Create a section at the very front, top of your head and pull hair forward. Use a 1.5-inch roller to roll hair onto itself as pictured.
  2. Insert pin facing forward to secure.
  3. Repeat going back down, creating a mohawk down your head.
  4. Secure with clamp-style clips. Note: the more hair you put in each roller, the bigger, looser and more subtle the curls will be.
  5. Section hair on sides in half, then curl by rolling underneath and securing.
  6. Spray all over and let sit.
  7. Remove curlers, run fingers through your hair, and spray for hair that stays bouncy and moveable.