Pretty Simple :: Lash Blast

By Chanel Dror

I’ll never forget the first time I set eyes on an eyelash curler. I was a pre-teen, already confused by the world of beauty that was rapidly being revealed to me, when my sister intro’ed me to the monstrous metal clamp that looked to be straight out of a horror film. Today most girls I know swear by their eyelash curlers, but I’ve remained on the fence, never really feeling the need to incorporate one into my beauty routine. As always, Martha Lynn recently put my hesitations to rest: when it’s not quite the occasion for falsies, an eyelash curler + a few coats of mascara add just the bit of lash volume needed for a more-glamorous look. Click through for the tutorial!

1. Start with neutral eye shadow and a light application of eyeliner.

2. Clamp lash curler right at the lash line, heat up by holding a blow dryer to the curler and holding for 5 seconds.

3. Lash primer conditions lashes and coats to act as a thickening base. Apply and allow to dry 30 seconds to a minute. We love this lash primer by Lancome.

4. Apply mascara — brush on top of upper lashes then brush on bottom of upper lashes.  I love this mascara from Lancome.

5. With a clean mascara wand, declump & separate.

tutorial by Martha Lynn Kale, photos by Cory Ryan