If the new year has you itching to update your look but you’re hesitant to do something drastic, then changing up your part might be just what the doctor ordered! The side “swoop” bang is super low maintenance and can give your look a little update that’s a much lower commitment than chopping true bangs. While it’s easy to do yourself, there are a few tricks you’ll need to master if you want to get that perfectly voluminous swoop that we see in magazines. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Part your hair far to the side (past the arch of your brow) so that it will swoop across. Dry all your hair, leaving the bangs for last. Then re-wet the bangs with a little water or spray bottle.
  2. With a large round brush placed underneath the bangs, pull hair straight down in front of you and blow dry on top. Don’t worry about pulling bangs to the side yet.
  3. Once bangs are mostly dry, place the brush in front of bangs and start rolling it back while pulling in a forward motion, as pictured. Blow dry as you roll.
  4. Roll bangs until they’re sitting right at the front hairline. Allow hair to cool by holding brush in place or using a cool blast from the blow dryer — this will set the curl and give the most volume.
  5. Once bangs have set, pull the brush up and let bangs fall to the side. The volume and curl you have created should allow the hair to naturally “swoop”.
  6. Spray the hair underneath the bangs to help them stay to the side or to fight any tricky cowlicks.


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Martha Lynn