Expert Advice

Transformed :: POUF!

It’s not often that I find time to kick back and relax, but when I do, I like to do it right. Because my charming little home boasts a proportionately tiny living room, I opt not to have a coffee table — which makes for a terrific space-saver, but in turn makes propping my feet […]

Transformed :: Cement Planter

Claire here, and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Today’s project is perfect for tackling in the New Year, and can add just the pop of color that your home may need for a little pick-me-up. Last time I had so much fun experimenting with cement and loved the result so much, that I decided to continue […]

Transformed :: Lichen Branch Jewelry Tree

Claire here – and is anyone else already feeling caught up in the bustle of balancing work and holiday fun, and fretting a bit over finding the perfect presents for family and friends? This fun DIY makes a wonderful (and inexpensive!) gift. If you remember two weeks ago I asked for your opinions on which jewelry tree I […]

Transformed :: A Place for Safekeeping

Happy Thursday y’all! Claire here with a fun little DIY I’m excited to attempt. Every girl needs a place to stash her most prized jewelry, and my roomie Chanel is no exception. We’ve been on the hunt for one that she can display on her dresser, but haven’t found the perfect one yet… so I’ve decided […]

Transformed :: Scaffolding to Table

Happy first-day-of-November, everyone! Two weeks ago, I (Claire) asked for your suggestions on which table I should make to convert my formal dining room into a functioning combination workspace/eating area. I was leaning towards a sawhorse style table, but after reading all the enthusiastic responses to the metal base table (option #3), I decided to make one […]

Transformed :: Sawhorse Table

Happy Thursday everyone, Claire here with my latest project dilemma. One of the many influences my job as an interior designer has had on my personal life is my constant desire to change and rearrange my own humble abode. I spend so much time creating spaces for others that it’s not unusual to find me pushing around […]

Transformed :: Pallet Turned Dog Bed

Claire here, and two weeks ago I asked for your opinions on which dog bed I should make for Monte. Although I was definitely drawn to the bright fun pattern of option 1, I had to remind myself that Monte is rather large and energetic, so I needed to make a bed that could stand […]