Tuesday Tastings :: Dutch Baby Pancake

When Adam and I first started dating, he had a couple of “signature” dishes he would make when he wanted to pull out all the stops for an at-home date night. A caprese pasta and grilled steak both factored heavily into the wooing process, as did this dutch baby pancake. Pre-Adam, I’d never heard of, […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Healthy Tropical Banana Muffins

Just between you and me, I didn’t make these muffins intending to post them on the blog. Muffins don’t really have the tendency to be especially photogenic — they’re just kind of… muffins, you know? Well, one bite and I knew these were anything but ordinary, and the fact that something so healthy can also […]

In Season :: Swiss Chard & Egg Casserole

Jeanine here, with the recipe you’re going to want to make for your Easter brunch. I make a lot of veggie-packed frittatas and baked egg dishes, but this one is my newest obsession. The chard (that you don’t even have to precook) creates a light and flaky texture as it bakes in between thin layers […]

Tuesday Tastings :: Quinoa-Berry Breakfast Bowl

On Sunday we talked about developing healthy habits (be sure to check out the comments for amazing reader suggestions), and I mentioned that one of mine is always eating a healthy breakfast. Thought I’d share the recipe for my current favorite, though the combination of ingredients changes daily depending on what I’m in the mood […]