Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without printed, cut, folded and glued paper Valentines passed out to friends and family (like the lovely floral printables Jenn created this year), but I’m always intrigued by V-Day crafts that are made with less predictable materials. This DIY was inspired by… well, a tree branch. And while it boasts a sweet message on one side, the other side is bright, poppy and modern, and just might find a place in the home long after the 14th! Keep reading for the super simple instructions…

  • wood slices, approximately 1/2″ thick (enlist in the help of someone who’s handy with a saw, or order from Etsy)
  • painter’s tape
  • acrylic paint in a variety of colors
  • paint brush
  • black marker
  1. Tape off wood slice as pictured.
  2. Paint wood on one half of painter’s tape. Allow to dry, then remove tape.
  3. Tape off another section of wood as pictured, so that the first and second paint colors meet at a straight, crisp line.
  4. Paint second color onto wood. Allow to dry, then remove tape.
  5. Tape off third section as pictured and paint. Allow to dry, remove tape, then carefully fill in the fourth and final section. Once completely dry, turn wood slice over and paint the entire back side one solid color in acrylic paint. Write your Valentine’s message on the back, then gift to someone special!

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Chanel Dror