For all you moms…

By Camille Styles
Happy Mother's Day | Camille Styles

Happy Mother's Day | Camille StylesLove this shot of my mom and me, taken right before I walked down the aisle 5 years ago. I feel so lucky to have a mom/best friend who’s been by my side for all the big milestones throughout my life, as well as all the little day-to-day moments that are so much more fun when shared. Now that I have a little girl of my own, my eyes are opened in a new way to what it really means to be a mom — sometimes exhausting, never dull, and full of moments where you feel your heart might burst from so much love. Hope that all you mothers are getting lots of love and pampering today (who got treated to breakfast in bed?!), and be sure to take a moment to send a text or phone call to say thank you to all the women who bring joy to your life — sisters, aunts, teachers and friends included!