How to Have a Cozy Night In

By Camille Styles
keeping warm by the fire

After all my talk this past weekend of making time to lounge around during the holidays, thought it’d be fun to break down exactly what’s needed for the perfect cozy night in. It may seem like relaxing would be an intuitive skill, but with today’s constant barrage of texts, emails, and our general inability to slow down, there really is an art to truly chilling out. Great reads, good smells and delicious treats all come into play, but really all that I need to get cozy is this cashmere throw from Williams-Sonoma, my current seasonal obsession. Click through and get ready to relax.

*photos by Molly Winters

The Reads.

I’m constantly reading for work in the name of “research,” but it’s always quick bites: blog posts, magazine stories, celebrity “news.” So there’s something about picking up a book that feels almost indulgent — an acknowledgment that I’m going to let myself sink into its pages and that I may not come out for a while. What are you guys planning to read over the holiday break? I’m on the hunt for a really engrossing novel that’ll help me get into vacation mode, so let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!

The Tea.

Or the coffee. Or the hot cocoa. The key is using your favorite mug and letting it warm your hands (and your soul.) Sometimes I brew an entire pot and keep it warm in a kettle on the stove so my cozy night can be fueled by endless refills.

The Cozy Blanket.

This wool & cashmere waffle weave throw from Williams-Sonoma is perfection. It’s incredibly soft and warm, yet somehow still light — the best blanket for curling up in (though it feels so heavenly you’ll never want to take it off.) It’s also a great gift for those impossible-to-buy-for people on your list, in case you’re still looking to check a few off.

The blazing fire.

One of the best decisions we made when building our house was to install a gas-burning fireplace. Sure, we may miss out on the woodsy scent of a wood-burning fire (which I love), but the ease of turning a key and instantly igniting a roaring blaze makes it a daily ritual at our house through the chillier months. And nothing puts me in a cozier state of mind. Of course, if you don’t happen to have a fireplace at your house, you can also get…

The scent of a blazing fire.

This year, I’ve been obsessed with candles that have a woodsy, campfire kind of scent — it’s seasonal without being at all sweet or cloying. This Woodfire candle is one of my very favorites, as is this Winter Forest one from Williams-Sonoma — both are just strong enough to lightly fill the room with their fragrance.

The indulgence. 

No cozy night in is complete without something truly indulgent — now’s the time to treat yo’self! Make it from scratch if you love to bake, pick up a slice of something delicious (like this turtle cheesecake) from a neighborhood bakery, or dig into some high-quality chocolate. Whatever floats your boat, just make it something you love and that you rarely indulge in.

The pampering products.

The best way to cap off a cozy night in is by sinking into a sudsy tub and luxuriating in a low-key evening… then crawling into the covers and letting yourself drift off into a peaceful sleep. A bath feels like a special occasion when you have a couple of luxe new products to break into, and right now I’m really loving the collection from Milk & Honey, full of all organic ingredients and the most amazing essential oils that make my entire bathroom smell like a spa.