Claire here, and I’m so excited to show you all what I’ve been up to for the last two weeks! When I asked for your opinions on which iPad case you’d prefer to see reinvented, option #2 seemed to be the favored case… so I settled on a design that’s similarly natural and masculine feeling, and made out of leather. This project turned out to be super simple, and best of all, by tweaking the measurements you can customize this design to fit whatever tablet you have. Keep reading below for the simple instructions!

  • leather remnant (or you can use vinyl or canvas)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 yard of black and white seersucker
  • latigo lace 1/8″ x 72″
  • denim thread (color : golden rod), upholstery thread works as well!
  • leather sewing machine needles
  • hand needle
  • thimble
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • easy grip rotary cutter
  • pins
  • metal ruler
  1. Measure and cut your leather remnant using your metal ruler and rotary cutter to 24.5″ x 10.5″.
  2. Sew the latigo strap onto the outside of the leather directly in the center (I had to hand sew this with because the material was so thick, this is where the thimble comes in handy!)
  3. Measure and cut your black and white seersucker piece with your metal ruler and rotary cutter to 24.” x 10.5″ (same dimensions as the leather piece).
  4. Tuck in and pin the edges of your seersucker 1/8″ all around, iron the edge so it lays flat.
  5. Sew the seersucker to the inside of the leather piece (opposite side that you sewed the strap on) with the denim thread, leaving 1/8″ of leather showing on each edge. Now your case has a fun striped lining! (and it hides the back side of where you sew on the latigo strap).
  6. Cut out another piece of leather 8.25″ wide x 8″ high, this will be the pocket for the iPad.
  7. Place and pin the pocket in the center of the 24.5″ length of the leather piece, on the seer sucker side (it’s about 8″ in from each leather edge).
  8. Sew the bottom and sides (make sure to keep the top unsewn), and trim all excess strings with scissors.
  9. Place your iPad in the pocket, fold up the sides, wrap and knot your latigo strap. Enjoy! Your new iPad case is complete.

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