We Got a Major Makeover!

By Camille Styles
Camille Styles New Website

Camille Styles New WebsiteYes, we are looking a little different today, and I couldn’t be happier to unveil the all-new site design that we’ve been toiling over for the last several months. Especially in this constantly changing space, I believe that it’s crucial to stay fluid, stay flexible, and keep evolving with technological advances, and my goal with this relaunch is that Camille Styles will be more visually inspiring, easily explorable, and simple to use — especially when you’re on-the-go. The new site brings you way bigger images to satisfy the eye candy cravings that bring many of you to the site each day, but even more importantly, we revamped the entire foundation to make the site more intuitive, uncluttered, and basically, a place where you want to come and hang out everyday. We couldn’t have done it without David, Emily, Andrea and the rest of the SpaceCraft team who developed the site and made it more technically robust than I could have ever dreamed, as well as the spot-on skills of Merry Design Studio who is responsible for our gorgeous new look. (I can’t recommend both of them highly enough, so if you’re on the market, check ’em out.) Here are a few of my favorite game-changing features:Our New Site Design | Camille StylesClean Navigation. Our new drop down navigation clearly displays all of the great series you can choose to explore, as well as shows the most recent posts from each category. It’s there on every page, so you’ll always know how to get exactly where you want to go. And since we’ve broadened our content over the last couple of years to include fashion, beauty, interiors, food, cocktails, and much more, we’ve created a wider set of categories that encompasses everything we do (check out our all-new Wellness section!)

Our New Site Design | Camille Styles

Responsive design. Really just a fancy way of saying that we look great everywhere (thankyouverymuch!) whether you’re on your phone, iPad, laptop or big monitor. Images size to fit whatever device you’re using, and check out that navigation on an iPhone — I’d say it speaks for itself! Our gallery/slideshow layout has been a major priority for me with this redesign: there’s no better way to show off the home tours and food/product roundups that we share every week, but I’ve long wanted to make our slideshows faster and easier with larger images. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this new slideshow layout that displays images in their entirety at the largest size possible, and allows you to click-click-click through them at lightening speed.

Our New Site Design | Camille StylesAnd finally, check out our resource database pages! You can find them under their respective categories in the navigation, or simply click into them from the “Explore” section of the homepage. We divided our Recipe Files, DIY’s, and Beauty Tutorials into addictive categories where you can easily search and find the exact inspiration you’re looking for. Need a delicious recipe for your detox? A Thanksgiving table centerpiece? A new ‘do for your short hair? We’ve got a category for that.


I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it to you all to dive in, click around, and explore our new site. Oh, and did we mention that beautiful new comment block that you see below? More than ever, we want to engage with YOU, dear reader, and continue this ongoing conversation as we continue to evolve. So leave us your feedback, let us know what you love and what you don’t, and as always, thank you for making us part of your day. We hope you enjoy the new site!