Last week, I was lucky enough to finally cash in on a gift certificate I’ve had since Christmas: a half day at the Lake Austin Spa and Resort. While I’ve had massages before, this was my first time to visit a “real” spa — complete with indoor and outdoor pools, gardens, and steam room. The atmosphere was beautiful and very serene, and I found myself fascinated with the varied behavior of the other guests: some were swimming laps, some reading novels, and others were actively typing away on their iPads. We all do different things to relax and “escape” a bit, don’t we? While the spa was incredible, I still say my favorite way to relax is taking a long bike ride by myself in the afternoon, followed by a hot shower and a glass of red wine. What do you do to unwind after a long week? Do you like to catch a few rays with a good book by the pool? Or watch old movies in your pajamas? Do you factor in time to meditate in a more formal way? What’s your relaxation style? Let us know in the comments section!

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