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A Patriotic Pool Party

By Lauren Smith Ford
Patriotic Pool Party | Photography by Wynn Myers for Camille Styles

The fireworks, BBQs and that timeless red, white and blue color palette — Fourth of July is without a doubt one of our favorite holidays! So, we couldn’t wait to light up the sparklers and get in on the overall festiveness of the occasion by throwing a patriotic pool party with Teavana, whose cool and fruity summer iced tea blends make for the ultimate thirst quenching iced beverage. Camille even whipped up a few cocktails (served from her traveling bar cart — a classic Radio Flyer red wagon) and popsicles using the tasty tea brews as the key ingredient. Click through for a special discount offer from Teavana on Slide 19!

photography by wynn myers

Party guests were greeted by a bar cart where we served up Sweet Berry Green Tea Mojitos using Teavana’s Blackberry Mojito Green Tea as the key ingredient. 

Camille set the mood for the fun day that awaited the gals in attendance with this modern patriotic invitation. Throw your own 4th of July soirée, and download the printable invitation here!

Party guests could pour their own cocktail from an already mixed pitcher or make up a concoction all their own. Served on its own (without the Rum), Teavana’s Blackberry Mojito Green Tea is a refreshing flavored green tea that perfectly captures the Latin-inspired minty mojito cocktail by combining succulent blackberries and raspberries with a spearmint kick. 

Camille’s Sweet Berry Green Tea Mojito Recipe: 
-1 part white rum (more or less, depending on your mood)
-4 parts Teavana Blackberry Mojito Green Tea
-a squeeze of agave & a spritz of lime
-stir & drink!

Festivities got under way with fun pool props like hula hoops, beach balls and American flag paddle balls!

Jessi takes in the stunning view from Camille’s pool.

Camille served up a delicious lunch of turkey sliders with all the fixings and crisp sweet potato fries on a table that rests just next to the pool. Her secret for sweet potato fries that don’t lose their crisp? Just before baking, add cut sweet potatoes to a ziploc bag with a few spoonfuls of cornstarch, lightly shake to coat, then spread evenly on a baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper and a pinch of chili powder, then roast at 425 degrees for 25 minutes until super crispy. 


We channeled a laid-back nautical vibe on the table with a mix of shells, hydrangeas and a bowl of fresh berries. For a similar look, get creative with what you may already have around the house — driftwood, white candles, and any souvenirs from past beach vacations would fit in perfectly!

Cheers to June, which happens to be National Iced Tea month! For the rest of the month, Teavana is hosting a digital toast using #IcedTeavanaSweeps on Twitter and Instagram for your chance to win a $500 Teavana “Upgrade Your Iced Tea” shopping spree! 


Passed fruit cups in DIY paper cones fulfilled all our sweet cravings post-lunch. To make your own, cut a diamond shape out of butcher paper, then roll the paper along the widest side to form a cone and secure with double-sided tape. Fill with berries in shades of red, white and blue.


We used Teavana’s Modern Iced Tea Maker, the matte stainless steel top, that houses the brewing chamber which then empties into the glass carafe full of ice below.

Tips on brewing the iced tea in Teavana’s Modern Iced Teamaker:
  • When making iced tea, we double the amount of tea used in order to make a tea concentrate which ensures the flavor of the tea will not dilute when poured over ice. This Modern Iced Teamaker is perfect for entertaining since it brews the tea and allows you to serve right out of it. 
  • Add sweetener to the pitcher instead of inside the infuser. This will allow the sugar to fully dissolve for consistent sweetness in each cup.
  • Place the tea leaves into the top portion along with hot water, replace the lid, then follow brewing instructions for the specific tea. Turn the plastic top, dispensing the hot tea onto the ice below. The tea leaves are kept separate in the reservoir and the beautiful color of the tea is displayed in the glass carafe below.

Camille heads back to join the party with her new batch of mojitos and Raspberry Limeade Tea that features a beautiful mix of berries blended with a burst of lime. 

There’s nothing better than sunning with your gal pals poolside on the best summer holiday there is!

Take a leap — Robyn gets ready to take a dip in the pool.

The 14-ounce Kiran Tea Glasses kept beverages cold no matter how much the temperature was rising. 

Made of Borosilicate glass, the double-walled Kiran Tea tumblers are perfect for hot or iced tea, and the ridges provide an interesting design element as well as a comfortable grip. It was impossible to pick a favorite flavor, but the Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom and Strawberry Blush Rosé were two that topped our list. 

How to Make Raspberry Limeade Tea Popsicles:
-Brew the Raspberry Limeade Tea. 
-Heat 8 oz. of water to 208° and steep 3 tsp of tea for 8-15 minutes. Dilute over ice. If stronger flavor is desired, add more tea, not time.
-Let cool. 
-Fill the popsicle mold. Then, add 1 or 2 lime wheels. 
-Freeze for 1.5 hours or so until the popsicles get a bit slushy (this will help stabilize the sticks)
-Insert wooden popsicle sticks (we prefer the old school wooden sticks as opposed to the plastic sticks that often come with a kit). 
-When ready to eat, warm the mold under warm water briefly to release and enjoy! 

This burlap bunting we found on Etsy served as a photo backdrop and lounge area during the party.

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