10 Best Beach Towels

By Jenn Rose Smith
10 Best Beach Towels | Camille Styles

While our enthusiasm for bikini shopping may vary from year to year, our love for poolside accessories is absolute. (We know from experience that a great pair of shades, printed sarong, or straw hat can transform the shy-est of swimmers into confident cabana hopper!) Of all the gear packed in our beach bags, it’s the towel that provides the best opportunity for self-expression. Whether they’re preppy, graphic, funny, or rebellious our beach towels say a lot about our identities. So decide who you’ll be this summer, hit the pool and mark your territory with one of these statement-making towels:

featured image from anthropologie

1. Reserved beach towel from Chance

2. Hudson’s Bay Company beach towel

3. Greta Medallion Jacquard beach towel from Pottery Barn

4. Optical beach towel by Nate Berkus

5. Best Friends beach towel from Wildfox Couture

6. Fouta beach towel from Serena & Lily

7. Lobster beach towel from Serena & Lily

8. Polka dot beach towel from J. Crew

9. Slogan beach towel by Ashish for Topshop

10. Preppy striped beach towel from Mark and Spencer