My Life Styled :: Beach Babe

By Jen Pinkston

Bohemian Swimwear | Jen Pinkston for Camille Styles

If the words “pool party” causes you even the least amount of anxiety, you’re in good company. We spend nine months out of the year choosing the most flattering cuts and silhouettes for our bodies and then, come May, we’re asked to bare all! Maybe it’s a result of their proximity to the beach, or the fact that they always have paparazzi in tow, but it turns out that Hollywood knows a thing or two about looking good in a swimsuit.  Their secret? Think about the entire look, just as you would any other outfit. You would never see an a-lister walking the sandy shores of St. Barts in a bikini and a ratty pair of flip-flops — there’s almost always a coordinating cover-up, a great pair of shoes, and plenty of accessories all working together to take the focus off solely the swimsuit. Ready to put together your own pool party look? Here’s how to build a getup that’s totally you…

get the bohemian look: 1. white scalloped bikini 2. red & white embroidered top 3. sun screen 4. tote 5. sandals 6. red & white stripe towel

Preppy Swimwear | Jen Pinkston for Camille Styles

get the preppy look: 1. floral swim suit 2. towel 3. pattern polo 4. white pants 5. picnic basket 6. silver sandal 7. bocce ball set

Glam Swimwear | Jen Pinkston for Camille Styles

get the glam look: 1. black bikini top & bottom 2. straw hat 3. geometric towel 4. beach bag 5. black lace cover up 6. gold sandal