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Wearing Many Hats

With the second week of January coming to a close, I think it’s finally time to put away our “Happy New Year!” greetings and come to terms with the fact that 2015 is in full swing!  This year, I’m embracing all of the many hats that I wear– mama, wife, stylist, blogger, friend– and choosing […]

Dressing up the Leather Jacket

I used to think that the biggest temptation this time of the year were the sweet treats being passed around at every turn, but now the older and wiser me realizes that the real temptation is shopping for yourself while checking off that holiday list.  Am I right?  How are we supposed to resist all […]

Holiday Party Attire

Thanksgiving is still a week away and yet the holiday invites have already begun piling up on my desk.  Have you started planning your holiday outfits?  Dress them up or dress them down, one of my favorite trends for holiday dressing is the printed silk pant.  It’s great because you can wear them just about […]

New York, I Love You

Do you have a spirit place? The concept had never occurred to me before reading this post, but after a little consideration I knew without a doubt that my spirt place is New York City. I was 18 when I first visited as the most enthusiastic tourist Manhattan has ever seen. There is this convergence […]

It’s a Jungle Out There

Did you know that there are less than a hundred days left before the end of the year? As we turn the corner into fall, the countdown on the last 25% of this year has begun and my schedule seems to have naturally gone into overdrive. I spent part of last week in New York, […]

My Life, Styled :: White After Labor Day

It seems time that we settle this little debate one once and for all: while the idea of not wearing white after Labor Day has been around for more than a century, passed down from one generation to the next, I think it’s safe to say that it’s no longer relevant. For starters, take a […]

My Life, Styled :: High-Waisted Denim

They say you can judge the economy by the rise and fall of the current season’s hemlines. If the same is true for waistlines, then I would say things are looking up! I’m not afraid to admit that in high school I owned denim so low that the zipper became some sort of superfluous accessory […]

My Life Styled :: The Working Mom Thing

Oh the life of the working mom. While I don’t plan on being fully back to work until she is about six months (and even that is up for discussion– I’m rather attached to this baby with her full head of hair), I’ve been having a babysitter come a few hours a week now that Aaron […]

My Life Styled :: The Midi Dress

This week marks a big milestone. It’s my first week back to styling since having Parker and it’s come with mixed emotions. While I’m already missing her sweet, soft baby snuggles, it has been really satisfying to be back doing what I love and creating looks. Plus, I have to admit it’s been fun to […]

My Life, Styled :: Sightseeing Attire

It’s hard to think of summer without imagining some glamorous getaway. We are staying a little closer to home this year since we now have a three month old in tow, but our adventures in years past have helped me hone in on my favorite getaway garb. For starters, it needs to be versatile. Can […]

My Life, Styled :: Winter Pastels

Remember this time last year when neon was all the rage?  Well, it’s time to trade in those bright Cambridge satchels for something a little softer.  Pastels were seen floating down the spring runways of Burberry, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung, and just because spring hasn’t yet sprung, doesn’t mean you can’t begin incorporating them into your wardrobe […]

My Life, Styled :: The Griffith Observatory

Some days just beg you to get outdoors, don’t they?  We’ve been having an unusually warm winter here, and it has a lot of people complaining about the record high temps during what are supposed to be the chillier months. But honestly: we live in Southern California… winter is not part of the deal. Personally, I’m […]

My Life, Styled :: Shopping Silver Lake

With just 11 weeks until this little girl’s due date, January is shaping up to be a busy month! Between styling projects, blog shoots, and working on this little one’s nursery, it feels like I’m constantly out shopping these days. While malls can be a super convenient one-stop shop, I’ve been challenging myself to explore […]