What’s On Hand :: Kim Love

By Kelly Colchin
What's On Hand | Kim Love | Illustration by Kelly Colchin for Camille Styles

When I visit someone’s house, my favorite thing to do is to sneak a peak in their pantry or fridge. It’s like looking through their medicine cabinet…you can learn a lot about a person from what they keep in their crisper, not to mention getting inspired with great ideas for what to stock yourself. In celebration of this special kind of kitchen voyeurism, we are launching a new series called What’s On Hand, where our favorite foodies will dish about the staples they can’t do without.

What's On Hand | Kim Love | Illustration by Kelly Colchin for Camille Styles

Since we are focusing on wellness this month, it seemed appropriate for our inaugural post to feature one of Austin’s favorite health food gurus, Kim Love. Kim is the founder of the LoveLife Program, a food discovery system that helps individuals identify the impact food has on their bodies and minds, allowing them to find their optimal diet. As lovely as her name would imply, Kim is enormously passionate about her work and has helped thousands uncover what they need to live at their peak performance.

When cooking for herself at home, Kim strives to make simple foods, quickly and healthfully. And while she’s no stranger to the aisles of the Whole Foods strategically located next door to her office, Kim’s favorite shopping experience happens at the Downtown Austin Farmers’ Market. She says, “The experience of fresh food from a farmer you know is priceless and delicious.” Read below for some of the staples Kim always has on hand…

1. Happy Hemp Seeds — They are an indispensable protein boost! I cook all of my veggies with these seeds and am mildly obsessed with how yummy they make the simplest dishes.

2. Tea — Coffee makes my face break out and causes me to gain weight, so I made the switch to tea years ago and LOVE it. Jasmine green tea is one of my favorites.

3. Locally grown greens and kale — One of my go-to breakfast, lunch or dinner items: homemade kale chips. So simple! Shred kale and mix with olive oil, salt, dollops of tahini and happy hemp seeds. It crisps up into a nutty, crunchy and hearty meal.

4. Cacao — I’m very selective with my chocolate. In fact, 99 percent of “chocolate” is actually poor quality, mixed with synthetics, sugars and GMO-soy. My favorites are made from high quality cacao with minimal sugar. It is rich in magnesium and mood boosting properties. Little morning treat: Navitas straight cacao powder with hemp milk and honey for a pure hot cocoa.

5. Beans — Having regular protein throughout the day helps to keep my energy and mental clarity strong. But who has time to make beans each day? Instead, I batch cook a huge pot of beans on Sundays and freeze them in little Pyrex containers. Grabbing these to take to work is an absolute lifesaver.

6. Green Juice — Our “TheLoveCleanse” Juice is on juice bar menus all over Texas and is an alkalizing toddy. I make it at home regularly with farmers-market greens: spinach, cucumber, celery and parsley.

7. Himalayan Salt — A pinch to any dish spruces it up, and unlike synthetic table salt, Himalayan salt is truly from the earth and much better for us.

8. Fiore Oils and Vinegars — I like cherry balsamic vinegar, blackberry ginger vinegar and butternut squash-seed oil for roasting veggies.  Yum!! These make any dish taste amazing and get the creative juices flowing.

9. Quinoa — This is our clients’ favorite Phase-1 breakfast staple. Try quinoa, olive oil, Himalayan salt and avocado. It sounds odd at first, but I run into people four years later who love it so much it’s still a regular breakfast.